East Carolina mascot book donated to Pi Kapp Headquarters

This book is unique in that it is written, illustrated, and marketed by an all East Carolina team. Ralph Finch is an alumnus from East Carolina University and the Beta Phi Chapter. He received his bachelors of science in business and is eternally grateful for his school and chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. The idea of this book came from his two grandchildren, Raymond and Caroline. They came home one day with a mascot book from a different school and instantly Ralph said he could do that for East Carolina. This idea soon led to a published book.

At first Ralph wasn’t sure how well the book would do but during the first day of sales at East Carolina there was a line around the stadium and over 500 books were sold. Currently, over 5,000 books have been purchased and many others have been donated to hospitals and other organizations. Proceeds from The Adventures of Peedee the Pirate have gone to scholarships, fundraisers and die-hard fans of East Carolina upon their graduation.

Ralph Finch has since been recognized as the 2008 Grand Marshall during the East Carolina homecoming parade and as a 2011 outstanding alumnus. This book would not have been possible without its pictures by Mike Litwin.