Delta Chi Chapter rechartered at Kansas State

After becoming a colony in the fall of 2013, the Delta Chi chapter worked hard to successfully charter in one year, overcoming a few minor obstacles and developing as leaders throughout the journey.

The banquet was held at Kansas State University with several Delta Chi alumni, University professionals and national representatives present. The dates ranged anywhere from the girlfriends to the moms of current active brothers. Notable speakers at the event were Installation Officer William Sigmon, Alpha Sigma (Tennessee), Assistant Installation Officer Frank Wrenn, Mu (Duke), and the number seven initiate of the Delta Chi Chapter which originally chartered on April 15, 1978, Bob Hiss. William Sigmon delivered the keynote for the evening challenging the chapter to “find ways to be different, challenge each other and look for new ways to experience fraternity,” he informed the men in the room that they, “can be like all other fraternities or [they] can be different.”

The rechartering weekend also included the assistance of the Theta Epsilon (Kansas) chapter of Pi Kappa Phi who supplied two initiation teams for Friday evening’s initiation along with the help of a few local alumni.

Dylan McKenzie, the chapter’s chartering archon, unveiled the chapter’s 90-90-90 strategic plan that is set in place to help the chapter post-chartering during his speech at the banquet. The plan calls for a 90 man chapter with 90% retention and a 90% dues collection rate, which is sure to set Delta Chi up for greatness moving forward!