Decades-Long Brotherhood: An Alumnus Story

Russell Chomiak, a 1967 initiate of the Beta Alpha (NJIT), writes to how his membership in Pi Kappa Phi has continued to impact his life over more than 50 years of membership. Chomiak continues to interact with his brothers as an engaged alumnus and embodies Pi Kappa Phi’s value of lifelong committment.
The Pi Kappa Phi experience only begins in college. It really coagulates and becomes truly meaningful afterwards. I lost my wife 14 years ago after a beautiful 31 years of marriage. Needless to say, many brothers reached out to me offering support and thoughtfulness during my most painful moments.
It didn’t stop, however, as it continues to this day. More than that, I started an alumni group mostly comprised of other single brothers to where we meet monthly for dinner and weekly for conference calls. In addition, we also attend outings together like fishing trips, museum visits, ball games, etc all now under COVID-19 guidelines.
Moreover, we’ve regenerated interest in our Pi Kappa Phi alumni social group where other brothers have joined us from time to time. One of those groups has been meeting monthly now for over 50 years with dinners and our annual trip to the Jersey shore. I mention all of this because brotherhood lasts a life time in both great times and times of sadness.
I can’t imagine how I would have dealt with the depths of grief without my Pi Kappa Phi brothers but at the same time I can’t imagine the heights of joy without them as well!
-Russel Chomiak, Beta Alpha #310