Darren Nguyen

Darren Nguyen, Alpha Zeta Chapter (Oregon State)

Why were you interested in attending LeaderShape?
I was interested in attending LeaderShape in order to better myself as a leader and bring back the knowledge and skills that they provide back to my chapter. I was reviewing LeaderShape and the curriculum seemed like it would benefit my chapter and me greatly. Also the ability to meet different fraternity and sorority members throughout the nation and connect looked like a great opportunity.

What are three things you learned as result of attending LeaderShape?
The three things that I learned from LeaderShape are how to really reflect on passions/visions, to become a better active listener in what others have to say, and ways to get my chapter more involved in both personal and fraternal goals. I believe these lessons are things that I can bring back to my chapter to better our selves as fraternity men.

How did attending LeaderShape impact you as a fraternity man?
LeaderShape impacted me as a fraternity man by changing how I perceive everyday tasks and the people around me. One of the lessons that stuck out from me at LeaderShape is keeping a vision in my head and with everyday ask myself if it will help me with my goals in the future. It also put into perspective that everybody both inside Greek life and outside has issues and it’s beneficial to talk with one another about them.

How are you planning to apply what you learned during LeaderShape to your chapter and campus community?
I am planning to apply the lessons I learned from LeaderShape by bring a more active role in members in my chapter. I would like to have every member in my chapter have a voice and actively encourage members to speak their mind and ideas. The first step in doing that is to create a culture that you do not have to be on executive council to have a great idea on improving the chapter. These individuals can range from associates to older members in the fraternity. For outside the campus community I plan to become apart of the student body government and be the voice for veteran students on campus. LeaderShape has given me so many lessons that I feel confident and prepared for the year in both inside the fraternity and outside.

What did you learn about leadership during this experience that you want to pass along to other Pi Kappa Phi brothers?
I would like to pass that you do not have to be in a position of power to become a leader in your chapter or outside in your community. Anybody has the potential to be a leader and it can be as simple as completing your task. Leaders aren’t born but molded by trial and error. Be the positive change that you want your chapter to show and by doing that you can influence others in ways that would make any archon in the nation happy.

Why would you encourage other bothers to attend LeaderShape in the future?
I would encourage other brothers to attend LeaderShape because it allows them to move out of their comfort zone and into a new atmosphere with individuals around the nations with different backgrounds. It puts into perspective how individual chapters can completely different from ones from across the nations and at the same time have factors completely the same. This conference isn’t like any other conferences you may have experienced in the past because it allows  individual brothers to become active participants rather than people sitting down to listen. LeaderShape is one of those conferences you are skeptical about going into but come out loving your experiences and the friends you made at the end.