Cross country bikers stop in Lincoln

These bikers are riding cross country and their reason why might surprise you. “This summer and every summer for the last twenty eight years college fraternity men have made a difference,” Zachary Corbo said. It’s the ‘Journey of Hope’ and this year thirty six riders and crew members are taking part in a nearly 4,000 mile cross country bike ride to raise money and awareness for people with disabilities.

“This is your disability for the day. There are people across the country or people who we met or people we may never meet who live every day with a disability. It could be a smaller one or it could be a more major or severe, but they can’t just throw up their hands and say I’m done.” All bikers are from different chapters of Pi Kappa Phi fraternities across the country.

They average seventy five miles a day on their sixty seven day ride. Each biker had to raise at least $5,500 dollars to be a part of the team. crew members had to raise about $2,500. Almost everyone involved raised well above their minimum. But for them it’s more than the money.

“You get on the road and your motivation usually changes. Your motivation becomes this is an experience I will never forget, and I want to ride to the next location because it can only get better from here.” The bikers were in Lincoln on Wednesday enjoying a picnic with members of the Sertoma Club. To cap off their festivities they danced the night away with the people they’re biking for. One of the bikers making the trek is a member of the fraternity on UNL’s campus.

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