Chris Crusselle

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Captain Crusselle was a member of the ROTC and served Delta Beta as Vice Archon as an undergraduate. Chris was commissioned into the United States Army as a Military Intelligence Officer from North Georgia College in 2011 and deployed twice to Afghanistan-3BCT/10th MTN DIV & 2/75 Ranger Regiment. He believes one of the greatest attributes the Fraternity can bestow upon its members is the sense of pride backed by a hard work-ethic. Captain Crusselle led Soldiers at multiple echelons and has come to the same conclusion: There is no greater honor than being in charge of a loved-one’s Soldier or mentoring a brother of Pi Kappa Phi. The Fraternity has helped Chris to comprehend the importance of giving someone else his time because he wanted to, not because he had to.

Advice for students and young alumni:
“Never underestimate the bonds you create with another brother. You will always find a brother of Pi Kappa Phi in the most interesting occasions. You might be like me. I was a continent away and heard my name from a pledge brother across the airport while I was returning from a deployment. Those 30 minutes of catching up revealed a bond that had been made over five years prior. Bonds, whether strong or weak, are what ties people together. In this case, it’s a commonality that creates dialogue, collaboration, and drives people towards a goal while creating a fraternal organization of men. If you harness those bonds within yourself in life and career, you will go further than any of your peers.”