CEO Search Updates

Communication sent on Oct. 1, 2021

The work of the search committee tasked with identifying Pi Kappa Phi’s next CEO continues to progress as planned. With the Sept. 1 application deadline now behind us, we wanted to provide a brief update:

  • Over 160 alumni recommended one or more candidates to be considered, yielding over 230 recommendations.
  • As some names were suggested by more than one person, the recommendations received represent 140 unique names.
  • All recommended names were contacted by our search partner, Columns Fundraising, to gauge their interest in being considered.
  • In addition, other potential candidates from the non-profit and for-profit arenas were identified and contacted to encourage their consideration of this unique opportunity.
  • As a result of all of these efforts, we now have in hand 106 applications.

An initial review of applications is now underway and over the next few weeks, the search committee, supported by the Columns team, will gather to evaluate potential candidates. These discussions will determine which of our highly qualified applicants will move forward in the interview process.

As we enter the most important phase of our search process, we want to express our gratitude to the many alumni and friends who have aided us in this process with candidate recommendations and suggestions. We are well on our way toward our goal of having our next CEO named in early 2022. Thank you again for your participation, all of your support to date, as well as your ongoing encouragement.

Communication sent on May 6, 2021


As National President William Sigmon previously shared, the National Council has appointed a Search Committee to guide the recruitment and selection of Pi Kappa Phi’s next Chief Executive Officer. Additionally, Columns Fundraising, a search firm based in Atlanta, is assisting the Search Committee with the day-to-day activity associated with the search, as well as providing strategic guidance to ensure a successful outcome.

First, I want to thank the hundreds of alumni who provided feedback to the Search Committee through a series of phone interviews as well as the recent online survey. The thoughtful comments and suggestions provided were very helpful and will inform our search as we move forward.

As we gathered your feedback, 180 of our alumni suggested the names of potential candidates to be considered during this process. We are very grateful to all who provided those suggestions and recommendations. If you did not get a chance to provide a recommendation and would like to add a name to that list, we certainly welcome your input; simply use the link provided on the Pi Kappa Phi website. Additional names will be accepted until Aug. 1, 2021.

We also encourage those interested in being considered as Pi Kappa Phi’s next Chief Executive Officer to submit their application to our search partner, Columns Fundraising, through the Pi Kappa Phi website. Applications are being accepted through Sept. 1, 2021.

Should you have any questions regarding the search or the application process, direct them to the Columns team at or (770) 332-4881.

The work of the search committee and our Columns teammates is well underway. The level of engagement and excitement in this effort has me more confident than ever that we will find the very best Chief Executive Officer for Pi Kappa Phi—one that will lead us forward continuing to build upon the legacy of our Founders and our strong track record of visionary leadership in this position.

Thank you again for your recommendations, advice, comments, and counsel.

Yours in Pi Kappa Phi,
Bob Lane
CEO Search Committee Chair

Communication sent on April 6, 2021

Dear Brother,

As previously shared, our long-time CEO Mark Timmes is slated to retire in 2022 after many years of outstanding service to Pi Kappa Phi. We look forward to recognizing Mark’s dedication and accomplishments in a meaningful way at the appropriate time.

To prepare our organization for the transition from Mark’s leadership of our National Headquarters team, the National Council has appointed a CEO Search Committee, chaired by Bob Lane (Alpha Omicron, ’68), and has authorized the engagement of an executive search firm, Columns Fundraising, to assist in the recruitment and selection of Pi Kappa Phi’s next CEO.

As we begin this search, we would like to hear from key Pi Kappa Phi alumni about the qualities and traits most desired in our next CEO, and about the challenges and opportunities that must be addressed as Pi Kappa Phi continues to move forward.

Today I invite you to share your thoughts and ideas on those topics by responding to a brief survey. To participate, simply click this button:

CEO Search Survey

Your comments and guidance as we move forward with this important effort will be much appreciated.


William Sigmon
National President

Communication sent on Feb. 17. 2021


As shared last month, Mark Timmes will be retiring as of July 31, 2022, after almost 30 years of exemplary service to the greater fraternity.

I am pleased to announce that the National Council has appointed a CEO Search Committee and has authorized the engagement of an executive search firm to assist in the recruitment and selection of Pi Kappa Phi’s next CEO.

Pi Kappa Phi has enriched the lives of young men for well over a century through our value-based leadership, educational, and service-learning opportunities.  We have a solid foundation from which to continue building our fraternity as a premiere co-curricular education and self-governance experience for young men.  Pi Kappa Phi now seeks a visionary, strategic leader to lead us into that future.

This skilled executive will have the courage to challenge the status-quo; the passion to help men define and reach their aspirations; the will to collaborate with multiple constituencies both internally and externally; and the ability to forge durable strategic partnerships.

The National Council, in collaboration with the leadership of our affiliate boards, has established a clear path to success in this effort.  To date the following steps have been taken:

1.    Search Committee:  A talented and broadly experienced search committee has been tasked with leading the process.  The committee is chaired by Bob Lane (Alpha Omicron, 1968). Brother Lane is a retired senior executive of Shell Oil Company and former Chairman of The Ability Experience board of directors.

The membership of this committee reflects our organization’s diversity, providing experience, perspective, and talent that will help guide the search process. All of these men demonstrate high achievement in their professions, and extraordinary commitment and service to Pi Kappa Phi, including leadership in higher education, corporations, and non-profit organizations. In addition to broad geographic and generational representation, their fraternal backgrounds include small and large chapters at public and private colleges and universities, volunteer service to local chapters, the national organization, and including past Headquarters staff members.

The committee membership includes:

Mark Adamson, Sigma (South Carolina) 1989

Rick Berk, Alpha Upsilon (Drexel) 1986

Joel Borellis, Sigma (South Carolina) 1991

Ben Bush, Alpha Alpha, (Mercer) 1998

James Smith, Alpha Eta (Samford) 1991

Dwayne Todd, Alpha Eta (Samford) 1992

Jeff Wahlen, Alpha Epsilon (Florida) 1984

Cam Woods, Iota Omicron (Iona) 2014

We are grateful for their willingness to serve Pi Kappa Phi in this meaningful way.

2.    Search Counsel: We have engaged Columns Fundraising, a 20-person firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, to conduct a national search for our next CEO.  Columns has worked with not-for-profits and associations across the country and has a unique experience in the Greek world. Three of their founding partners have served as past staff members and CEOs within their respective fraternities/fraternal foundations and have continued working with fraternities and sororities at the national and local levels.  The Columns team works extensively with Greek membership organizations, higher education, healthcare, independent schools, faith-based and social service organizations.  Mark Wilkison and David Carico, two of the firm’s co-founders, are leading the search for Pi Kappa Phi.  They, together with the Search Committee, have begun developing the organizational profile and position description and will soon be seeking recommendations and identifying appropriate candidates.

3.    Search News and Communication: It is important that the members of Pi Kappa Phi are fully informed about the status of the search in a way that also preserves candidate confidentiality.  To accomplish this, a dedicated page on the Pi Kappa Phi website will be created to provide answers to frequently asked questions about the process and the most updated information concerning the search.  There will also be links to allow prospective candidates to submit their applications for consideration or to contact the Columns team directly, as well as for members to suggest qualified candidates for consideration.  In addition to this webpage, key milestones and relevant news will be broadly shared via email and social media as progress is made.

Please note that all questions regarding the search and the application process should be directed to the Columns team at

The leadership of Pi Kappa Phi and its affiliates has great confidence in the resources we are deploying for this critical moment in our history.  The search committee working in conjunction with the Columns team has been charged with finding the very best CEO for Pi Kappa Phi, and we look forward to providing periodic updates on their progress during this search.

Yours in Pi Kappa Phi,

William Sigmon, National President