Build America 2013: A day at Rocky Mountain Village

Today the bench crew finished building ten benches, and the ramp and railing crew for the mountain path has made significant progress. After dinner, we all became zombies and were chased off by dancing campers. Shortly afterwards, we went to Kangaroo Court and were convicted by campers for wearing too much blue. The consequence was to have our faces painted green. The remaining zombies were made to jump in the fish pond. The entire time the Build America team was all laughing and smiling!

Tonight we finally did the mountain hike that I have been looking forward to since we arrived. Once we made it to the ridge, we all laid out and took in the starry night sky and the camp below.

I am growing closer to campers and staff members, and I am already dreading the goodbyes that I know are in store in just a few days. Until then though, I will cherish every moment with these truly amazing people.