Build America 2006: Camp Carnival & Softball Grudge Match

After a filling breakfast we headed back out to the teen archery and paintball ranges to put the finishing touches on our shade structures. After finishing all of the framing yesterday all that was left to do was put on the metal roofing. The most difficult part of this was squaring up the material with the existing frame. Despite hitting several difficult spots we were able to finish up the roofing relatively quickly. After finishing the roofing we cleared off some brush from the site and had time to clean up and change to our team uniforms before lunch.

After an excellent lunch and a little down time it was time to start with the afternoon activities. They offered several activities this afternoon and the team split up into various areas. There was kayaking, high ropes, low ropes, basketball and several others, however the open swim down at the pool sounded the best to me after the long week of work we had. We were down at the pool until dinner and seemed to get just about the whole camp into a game of volleyball in the pool. Despite applying sunscreen twice I got a sunburn intense enough to light the whole pool up to deal with for the next few days.

After dinner we split up into groups again for the various camps evening activities. There was a talent show with the PKU camp that myself and about half of the team were assigned to work. The Wenoweeze camp had a scavenger hunt while camp Xtreme had a rodeo. The talent show showcased several cabins doing different acts ranging from dance routines to telling jokes to beat boxing. After the talent part of the show they set up a karaoke machine. The karaoke acts generally consisted of a group of kids who knew the chorus to a song and read the words off the screen with no particular rhythm. Some of the more notable acts were MC Hammer’s “Can’t touch this” and Elvis’ “Jail House Rock”.

Once the show was over we got a game of volleyball going on the sand courts and some of the camp councilors joined us. After several games it was about time to get to bed and get ready for another hard days work which, rumor has it, consists of some small demolition work and the assembly of a horse walker. Today was a little more relaxing than the last which was a nice change from the daily grind and also let us get a little more rest to get ready for another day at Camp For All.

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