Beta Iota (Toledo) brother fundraising to keep campus tradition alive

Photo by Mark Urrutia, Beta Iota (Toledo)

Ever since its first shot being fired by a brother of Pi Kappa Phi in 1966, the cannon has amped up UT Rocket fanatics with its thunderous shots fired at end of every quarter and after the extra point of a rocket touchdown. Brothers of Beta Iota have continued to take pride in being in charge of this campus tradition.


As of currently, the cannon is in need of a new carriage. Zachary is reaching out for donations to help build a brand new aluminum carriage. Every little cent counts towards keeping the much needed energy amongst the fans of UT football everytime a touchdown is made, every time the crowd is in doubt and in need of a shot of hope and every time an alumnus reminisces about the good ol’ days in college. Zachary is doing his part to make the carriage last as long as his chapter’s traditons have.

Support Zachary’s UT Cannon Carriage Rebuild