BeardsGiving Spotlight: Thomas Driscoll

BeardsGiving is an online fundraising event where members of Pi Kappa Phi involve family and friends to reach a goal of $75k. This money helps ensure that every Pi Kapp has the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with construction projects that impact the quality of life for individuals with disabilities across the country.

We sat down with our current BeardsGiving top fundraiser and asked him how he has been so successful.

How did you get started?

“To start my fundraising efforts I only shared a post on Facebook which got some likes and shares. The shares helped tremendously because more people were able to see it. Also, with the help of family, I was able to reach out to many of the past athletic teams I’d been apart of and my high school.”

What type of language did you use in your posts?

“I was sure to explain what Pi Kapp is raising money for, but I also had some fun with it saying ‘the playoff beard is coming out early,’ being that hockey is a big part of my life and a beard usually relates to the playoffs.”

What made you want to participate in BeardsGiving?

“The reason that I got involved and am currently participating in this event is that it’s going towards a great cause in The Ability Experience and it’s a good excuse to grow out a beard.”

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