BeardsGiving Spotlight: Antonio Burgess

BeardsGiving is an online fundraising event where members of Pi Kappa Phi involve family and friends to reach a goal of $75k. This money helps ensure that every Pi Kapp has the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with construction projects that impact the quality of life for individuals with disabilities across the country.

We sat down with our current BeardsGiving second place fundraiser and asked him how he has been so successful.

What have you done to fundraise?

“For the most so far posting on social media has been my main source of fundraising, I have received a lot of support from family as well as family friends. My parents have been hopeful by also sharing my post on their Facebook pages. Below is a copy of my caption for my Facebook/Instagram (aburgess04) post:

‘For the past 4 years in the month of November I have grown my beard out to show support for those with prostate cancer like my dad. It’s almost that time of the year again and for the second straight year I am raising money for #Beardsgiving to help raise funds for projects to help benefit those with disabilities. Help me and the Beta Gamma chapter of Pi Kappa Phi raise funds through The Ability Experience to ensure every Pi Kapp has the chance to build a project that impacts campers with disabilities for years to come. (Link is also in my bio)’

What made you want to participate in BeardsGiving?

“Since my dad’s diagnosis with prostate cancer every November I have grown my beard out to raise awareness and show support for those who have had or currently have prostate cancer. Instead of just growing my beard out to help raise awareness since becoming a member of Pi Kappa Phi in Fall 2016. This past Spring I had the opportunity to participate in Ability Weekend in Gainesboro, Tennessee and directly see the impact that I was able to make through The Ability Experience. Starting last fall every November I have been fundraising money for The Ability Experience, through Beardsgiving so that every Pi Kapp has the chance to build a project that impacts campers with disabilities. Beardsgiving gives me the opportunity to continue to show support and raise awareness for those with prostate cancer as well as making an impact on people with disabilities.”

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