Barton College’s March Madness success

We sat down with their philanthropy chairman and asked a few questions.

Tell us about your chapter and their recent work with The Ability Experience?
My name is Leslie Jones and I am the philanthropy chair for the Zeta Tau Chapter at Barton College. Many of our donations have come from our generous alumni. We love to support our philanthropy, The Ability Experience. We recently held a Spread the Word to End the Word event on campus.

What has driven your chapter in the competition so far?
To have made it this far to the Final Four, the Zeta Tau Chapter at Barton College is extremely proud. Our motivation to win the competition comes from the philanthropy itself. Also, we would like to inspire other small chapters to do big and great things that many big chapters often do. To have come this far in the competition, we hope to bring national attention to our chapter to show how much we care about being part of Pi Kappa Phi.

How are you getting most of your donations?
We have used the power of social media to bring awareness to this competition and to The Ability Experience. As a chapter, our dorm storm enabled us to surpass Clemson in the Elite 8.

There are still a few rounds left, we’ll see if Zeta Tau has what it takes to win it all. 

Check out the current standings and stay tuned for the Championship round, being announced this coming Sunday.