Austin Dean

Austin Dean, Alpha Lambda Chapter (Mississippi)


Why were you interested in attending UIFI?
I was encouraged by our Dean of Students, Dr. Mindy Sutton to attend UIFI. She told me that if I went that I would not come back as the same man and she could not have been more correct. I wanted to prepare myself to become the best leader for the Alpha Lambda Chapter and the Ole Miss community.

What are three things you learned as a result in attending UIFI?
1. A better understanding of what our fraternal values are and how to actually live out those values.
2. The only thing that separates our organization from others is our values but if we don’t live out those values then we really cannot consider ourselves fraternity men.
3. Being a leader and living out your values isn’t always easy or the most popular road to take but if we don’t take that road our chapters won’t exist much longer.

How did attending UIFI impact you as a fraternity man?
It opened my eyes to a completely different culture of Greek life. I was allowed to reflect and be brutally honest with the strengths and weaknesses of my chapter and my Greek community at the University of Mississippi. While UIFI was reflective it was equally empowering and provided me with the resources to create a plan on how I can do my part to better my chapter and my campus.

How are you planning to apply what you learned during UIFI to your chapter and campus community?
After UIFI I re-evaluated the recruitment plan that my chapter had created and I helped guide as the vice archon. I gathered my committee and executive council and shared my experience with them and told them I wanted to overhaul our plans for recruitment this fall.

What did you learn about leadership during this experience that you want to pass along to other Pi Kappa Phi brothers?
Everyone has the capacity to be a leader, especially in Pi Kappa Phi. If it weren’t for the fact that our Founders wanted to be leaders at the College of Charleston, our fraternity would not exist today. If you consider yourself a follower or even the strongest of leaders, I promise you that UIFI will mold you into an even better leader.

Why would you encourage other brothers to attend UIFI in the future?
My UIFI experience was just as life changing as when I was initiated into our fraternity. If you truly want to become a better member of our fraternity and become the best-equipped leader for your chapter and campus, you need to attend. It will change you for the better and provide you with a complete network of peers from across the nation who will support you as you try to better your chapter and campus.