Andres Penalver

30under30-LOGOAndres is a three time Pi Alpha being apart of the GUF 2008 team, JOH 2009 crew and GUF in 2010 as the project manager. He currently is working for International Sales Group in Miami on their marketing and graphic design team. Primarily they deal with ultra luxury residential homes and condominiums where he is charged with production of all marketing materials. Andres is also an accomplished opera singer, having been introduced to it by a chapter brother nine years ago. In 2014 he played a leading role in a Miami zarzuela and this year performed at the finale concert for the Miami Piano Festival along side some of the biggest names in opera. He also has lent his musical talents to the fraternity performing during various events, including the past three Nu Phi dinners. In addition, Andres donates his time as the philanthropy advisor for Theta Delta Chapter.

Advice for students and young alumni:
“Find a balance between what you love and working to live, there has to be a happy medium.”