Alpha Theta hosts Spread the Word to End the Word campaign

The chapter’s mission was to spread awareness for the ‘Spread the Word to End the Word’ campaign. Supporters were asked for a signature, which acted as a pledge to stop the use of derogatory language towards those with disabilities. 312 signatures were collected throughout the day as brothers took turns pedaling a stationary bike (representing our national cycling events). The amount of support received was amazing and will surely motivate Alpha Theta to continue sponsoring events in the near future.

Led by our philanthropy chairman, Vince Tancredi, the event had great overall success. This gives the chapter great momentum going into next fall, where Vince is planning a War of the Roses Philanthropy event. Through raising money and awareness for The Ability Experience, our chapter is making a positive mark on our society. Pictured above is Karl Ochs and our very own Sparty! Karl plans to cycle across the country this summer on Journey of Hope. Overall, this was a very successful event for all involved and we are very proud that 312 people have taken the pledge to Spread the Word to End the Word.