Alpha Phi Brother Overcomes Accident to Perform at Le Rve

At the age of 28 AJ he had to make a choice: try to save his foot and risk it being nearly useless or amputate.

AJ worked as a model, an actor, and had aspirations to be an acrobatic performer auditioning for Le Rêve in Las Vegas just four days prior to the accident.

H made the choice to amputate his foot, and began documenting his struggles on his YouTube channel

He was alerted that he got the job at Le Rêve. If he could perform with the prosthetic, they said, he would still be hired.

After eight months of rehab he was able to try out and secure a spot. 

AJ was also staring in an independant movie before his accident which had to be halted until he was able to continue shooting. 

The movie, Primal Rage, has since played in over 500 theaters across the country, and his story was documented in The Norfolk Daily News