Alpha Kappa Chapter are Greek Week Champions at Michigan

Our team picked Most Likely to Break a World Record.

During the opening ceremony a week later, we walked across the stage with our banner (which came in third place) then watched the 5 charities that proceeds of Greek Week went towards give a brief presentation on what they stood for. We also were eager to win Greek Week, when we found out that the winner received money for their houses charity (Push America in our case).

During the next week, we banded together with the sisters of Alpha Phi and had strong participations in almost all of the events. We won the Greek Olympics, through a clutch performance from our kickball team who rallied down 7-3 to a 8-7 victory propelling us to the final, then beating a team of 15 with 6 to capture the title. We also came in 3rd in the DG’s anchorslam basketball competition. We also participated in many of the philanthropy activities at the participating sorority houses including knitting blankets for homeless families. Finally we put on a stellar performance in the final and most rewarding (pointswise) event of sing and variety. I was fortunate enough to work with 4 other guys and 5 girls on the sing team and after weeks of practice, we were rewarded with a 3rd place victory.

The variety team on the other hand, stole the show by a mile with a great performance earning first and sealing our spot as Greek Week Champions. I was elated when they called my name to grab the trophy, and see my hard work pay off.