Alpha Iota Chapter holds dunk tank with Auburn head baseball coach

They have both been in a dunk tank now, but who did it better: Bruce Pearl, or Butch Thompson? And what Auburn coach do you want to see next?

Head baseball coach Butch Thompson became the most recent Auburn athletic department member to volunteer for the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity dunk tank on the Haley Concourse on Wednesday, with proceeds this year going to The Ability Experience.

We all remember basketball coach Bruce Pearl’s appearance two years ago, when he disrobed to nothing but a pair of shorts and took the Internet by storm.
So, how did Thompson’s time in the dunk tank compare to Pearl’s, and which Auburn coach would you like to see appear next? I take a look.

Advantage – Pearl.

Not that Thompson’s form was bad, but you could see him attempting to grab the fence when a student hit the target. That will not get it done, Butch.

Pearl, on the other hand, welcomed the splashes into the tank, and, much like Johnny Manziel’s football career, fell overboard into the abyss.

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