Alpha Delta Chapter volunteers with Seattle Adaptive Sports

This organization gives children unique opportunities to compete in recreational activities and experience a normal childhood. Through volunteering with SAS, Alpha Delta was quickly reminded of the valuable lesson… It’s our abilities that define us, not our disabilities. In February, over a dozen Alpha Delta members attended an annual event hosted by the organization, called the “Red Dance.” The event is a special opportunity every year where children with disabilities get together and socialize with teens from around the area. Members helped set up the event and ensured that the children would have a night to remember. The children were ecstatic as brothers sang with them to the latest Taylor Swift album and danced with them to “Uptown Funk.” One of the most memorable moments from the night was when two children at the dance attempted to use their WWE moves to wrestle everyone to the ground.

Everyone made tons of friends at the event, and the children all said how excited they were for the chapter to come again next year. On March 7 and 8, Alpha Delta volunteered again for SAS for their annual Wheelchair Basketball Tournament, where teams from all over the country come to play. Brothers made sure that the games ran smoothly and cheered on all the teams, especially the local team, the Seattle Jr. Sonics. Everyone was blind-sighted by the incredible level of competition that individuals was playing at. It was truly an amazing event to attend and it was inspiring to see these children work so hard and not let their disabilities get in the way of their passions.

Volunteering with Seattle Adaptive Sports has been an absolute pleasure for all of us, and the Alpha Delta Chapter looks forward to working with them for years to come.