Alpha Delta Chapter cycles to remember a lost brother

Todd was the ideal Pi Kapp: an historian, rush chairman, and positive influence to everyone around him. In our four years as active undergrad members of Pi Kappa Phi, the chapter all strives to be like Todd, and we honor him every year through one of our annual philanthropy events, West Coast Push. In 2001, Alpha Delta members started West Coast Push, a cycling trek from Portland to Seattle, as a way to preserve Todd’s legacy. For both Pi Alphas and brothers unable to ride on Journey of Hope, West Coast Push offers an experience unlike any other, teaching brothers the true meaning of camaraderie and the importance of sacrifice.

Recently, on August 26, nine Alpha Delta brothers drove to Portland, Oregon, and for the next four days, seven cyclists and two crew members traveled 200 miles back to Seattle, raising over $3000 in the process for The Ability Experience. On August 30, dozens of brothers stood at the front steps of our chapter house and cheered the bikers on as they returned home. They shared their memories and laughter from the trip, and Alpha Delta took time to step back and reflect on the great brotherhood we had before us. We are all incredibly thankful to be members of this fraternity, and we will continually strive to be the best Pi Kapps we can be, as Todd once was. For as long as Alpha Delta stands, the Alpha Delta Chapter will continue the tradition of West Coast Push to honor fallen brothers and make sure that Todd J. Porterfield is a name that will live on forever.