Zack Agerton, Delta Beta (North Georgia)

For many who are chosen to serve, it is a dream come true. This may be a dream they have been chasing since their days in high school. My interest to serve came much later. While in high school teaching in a far off land was very far from my list of dreams. The dreams in which occupied my mind were more centered around wrestling. My path to the moment I accepted my invitation to Samoa was tumultuous, filled with bumps, chance encounters, and a bit of risk taking.

I transferred out of Anderson University to attend the University of North Georgia, after deciding to no longer wrestle. In my first year of attendance I joined the club rugby team, which led me to Pi Kappa Phi. The opportunities presented by my fraternity led me to find my passion in life, serving people with disabilities. Once the passion filled my heart, I immediately switched into the Early Childhood and Special Education program. While working on this degree I spent the next 4 summers volunteering in various locations around the country at different summer camps for people with disabilities.

Upon graduation, I had discovered that I didn’t want to teach, but rather work in the non-profit sector trying to make life for people with disabilities better. I worked at the Ability Experience planning a cross country cycling trip to raise money and awareness. Afterward, I moved to Kentucky, where I worked for a half a year at an Independent Living Center in Lexington.

Not yet feeling quite fulfilled, I decided to finally turn in an application to the Peace Corps that I had filled out over a year before. I thought long and hard about doing it two years ago, but the timing wasn’t there. Now, I have come to the conclusion that there is no better time in life than this moment to take the leap. I will get to mix my passions of helping others and travel. I am beyond excited to have this opportunity and I would like to thank my cousin Megan and my aunts Carol and Tracy for supporting me in this decision.

Things I look forward to the most:

  • Playing rugby in Samoa
  • Revisiting New Zealand
  • Learning a new language
  • Maybe getting the chance to surf
  • Eating new and crazy foods

After many trials, I finally get go to Samoa serving from October 2015 to January 2018. I will travel to the far side of the word to pursue the dream of wonder, chaos, and service.