A Year of Adventure for Mike McBride (Omega)

The 2012 Westfield High School graduate is studying abroad in China this semester as a Purdue University junior.

“I liked the idea of going to China because it was very different from the U.S. and literally on the opposite side of the world,” he said.

“I wanted to gain new perspective and try something different, so I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity. I knew I would learn a lot and have experiences like no other. The study abroad program through Purdue Mechanical Engineering also was very impressive and a great opportunity for my future career.”

McBride, a mechanical engineering major, is taking three engineering classes (thermodynamics, control systems and material science), as well as Chinese 101 and two classes on Chinese culture/history.

“Everyday has been an adventure and an opportunity to see something new,” he said. “I live in downtown Shanghai, which has 23 million people, so I’ve met people from all over the world. I’m also here with about 30 other engineers from Purdue, so I have made some great friends. I miss all of my friends and family at Purdue and elsewhere, but I do my best to stay in touch with them despite the 13-hour time difference. Studying abroad has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I encourage everyone who has the chance to do it.”

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