A great day at Camp Spearhead

A friendship visit at Camp Spearhead

We had some difficulty in getting them level because of the slope of the hill we were on but were able to make good progress nonetheless. The trail team for the hammock village got significant work done in the morning and had places cleared for their 13 hammocks by the end of the day. We had the Trex deck boards unloaded from the trailer in the morning so that those can be used as soon as we are ready for them. The ramp team made significant progress on finishing their project too.

The meals were filled with laughs and great company as we all got closer to the campers at our tables and the staff. During the evening activity we danced to karaoke and joined in the campfire. We sang “Hey Bo Didly Bob” and “Little Red Wagon” at the front of the fire pit along with the songs that Camp Spearhead taught us. It was a great day and looks to be an amazing week!

–David Straka

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