Durward W. Owen International Scholars Award

The problems of tomorrow will require thoughtful and engaged leaders to help solve them. These leaders not only understand the basics of international business and how markets work but also understand the nuances of cultural differences between people.

To help prepare students to keep pace in a global business climate, the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation created its Durward W. Owen International Scholars Program in 2008. The goal is to provide an opportunity for outstanding student leaders (who might not otherwise be able to afford a study abroad experience) to gain firsthand knowledge and understanding of the various businesses and economic and cultural differences inherently found in other parts of the world.


All undergraduate members of Pi Kappa Phi are eligible to apply every spring and fall for the Durward W. Owen International Scholars Program. Students who apply in the fall are eligible if they plan on going abroad the upcoming spring semester. On the other hand, students who apply in the spring are eligible if they plan on going abroad the upcoming summer and/or fall semesters.

Applicants can receive up to $4,000 towards their study abroad expenses. The total number of recipients and grants vary each semester.

To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • Be an initiated member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at his university
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Complete the entire application
  • Submit a budget of his anticipated expenses while abroad
  • Submit two letters of recommendation (one professional and one academic)
  • Provide documentation of his acceptance into an accredited study abroad program

2022 Recipients

Spring 2022

    Charles Becher, Alpha Rho (West Virginia)
    Andrew Carter, Nu (Nebraska-Lincoln)
    Matthew Davies, Kappa Upsilon (Temple)
    Kevin Gentry, Epsilon Omega (Texas Tech)
    Jordyn Newman, Beta Epsilon (Missouri)

Past Recipients

Spring 2021
Andrew Delphey, Beta Epsilon (Missouri)
Jonah Helwig, Chi (Stetson)
Daniel Hogan, Iota Nu (Mississippi State)
Oliver Perrone, Eta Psi (Central Florida)

Fall 2021
Jacob Kovarovic, Alpha Alpha (Mercer)
Hayden Powell, Alpha Rho (West Virginia )

Spring 2020
Brady Brock, Theta Alpha (Southern Mississippi)
Carson Reeder, Eta Psi (Central Florida)
Ryan Robinson, Alpha Rho (West Virginia)

Fall 2019
James Clark, Iota Kappa (Northern Colorado)
Brendan Gillhooley, Alpha Theta (Michigan State)
Garret Heibeck, Theta Epsilon (Kansas)
Jonah Helwig, Chi (Stetson )
Grant Peterson, Theta Epsilon (Kansas)

Spring 2019
Alexander Anadiotis, Kappa Xi (DePaul)
Joshua Cook, Iota Rho (Western Illinois)
Anderson Leal, Iota Phi (Loyola New Orleans)
Will Loveless, Alpha Lambda (Mississippi)
Stephen Mouhanna, Iota Eta (Embry Riddle)

Fall 2018
Jonathan Day, Theta Xi (Arizona State) | Dublin, Ireland
Andrew Fuchs, Kappa Rho (Vermont) | Berlin, Germany
Joriah Gorden, Theta Upsilon (Northern Arizona) | Siena, Italy
Jared Johnson, Theta Phi (Louisiana Tech) | Paris, France
Conor Mchale, Theta Iota (Washington State) | Barcelona
Griffin Mills, Delta (Furman) | Southern Africa

Summer 2018
Justin Marks, Kappa Alpha (Case Western Reserve) | Netherlands
Michael Zatloka, Epsilon Omega (Texas Tech) | Spain

Spring 2018
Colby Birkes, Delta Eta (Morehead State) | Canada
Lucas Dowdall, Delta Delta (Truman State) | Costa Rica
Muhammad Kara, Gamma Tau (North Texas)

Fall 2017
Nathan Brantley, Theta Omicron (Nevada – Reno) | Singapore, Toronto
Christian Correa, Kappa Delta (Florida Atlantic) | Lisbon, Portugal
Christian McSweeney, Eta Gamma (Colorado) | Seville, Spain
Kyle Rohner, Kappa (UNC-Chapel Hill) | Germany

Spring 2017
Akash Bhojwani, Alpha Gamma (Oklahoma) | France
Marquez Byrd, Alpha Gamma (Oklahoma | Multi-Country Program
Joseph Ferrelli, Alpha (Charleston) | Italy
Cory Gonzales, Gamma Tau (North Texas) | New Zealand & Australia

Fall 2016
Joe Brueggemeyer, Theta (Cincinnati)
David Park, Alpha Delta (Washington)
Drew Rudman, Omega (Purdue)
Ravi Shah, Epsilon Theta (Seton Hall)

Spring 2016
Andrew Bell, Eta Iota (Christopher Newport) | England
Marco Gutierrez, Alpha Kappa (Michigan) | Japan
Cullen O'Donnell, Beta Beta (Florida Southern) | Spain
Nick Petras, Iota Nu (Mississippi State) | Germany
Michael Scimeca, Eta Psi (Central Florida) | Italy

Fall 2015
Darius Bennet, Epsilon Iota (UNC - Greensboro) | Ireland
Josh Edgar, Delta Chi (Kansas State) | Japan
Deshe Gully, Theta Sigma (Cal State-Long Beach) | Australia
Brian Parro, Kappa Alpha (Case Western) | China

Spring 2015
Joel Blankenship, Delta Chi (Kansas State) | Kyrgyzstan
Grant DePoyster, Alpha Lambda (Mississippi) | China
Tyler Fisher, Zeta Epsilon (George Mason) | England

Spring & Fall 2014
Alan Grusky, Eta Sigma (UCLA) | England
Michael Zins, Theta (Cincinnati) | Guatemala
Jonathan Swearengin, Theta Lambda (Missouri State) | Spain
Justin Chu, Eta Upsilon (Miami - Ohio) | Nicaragua
Daniel Park, Alpha Delta (Washington) | Korea
Jack Walters, Iota Lambda (Quinnipiac) | Germany

Spring & Fall 2013
Matthew Calardo, Theta Zeta (George Washington) | Beirut
Johnathan Faler, Theta Alpha (Southern Mississippi) | England
Sunny Singh, Eta Sigma (UCLA) | France
Max Mandelbaum, Theta Zeta (George Washington) | England
Jacob Krysiak, Alpha Gamma (Oklahoma) | Spain
Michael Chang, Epsilon Mu (Bradley) | Denmark

Spring & Fall 2012
Tyler Campbell, Alpha Gamma (Oklahoma) | The Netherlands
Daniel Masin, Alpha Delta (Washington) | Sweden
Joseph Payne, Theta Eta (American University) | Belgium
Michael Powers, Zeta Epsilon (George Mason) | England
James Romo, Theta Xi (Arizona State) | Japan
Paul Willar, Alpha Kappa (Michigan) | Sweden
Dylan Wong, Theta Zeta (George Washington) | England