David D. Morgan Extra Mile National Scholars Program

Applications are open Sept 1 to Oct 10, 2022

Established in the fall of 2014, the David D. Morgan “Extra Mile” National Scholars Program is funded by and named for Beta Omicron (Northwestern State) alumnus, David D. Morgan. An entrepreneur, insurance executive and leader within his industry and fraternity, Brother Morgan has spent a considerable portion of his life helping others to be successful. Whether offering insurance products to association members across the country, providing them with greater peace of mind, or through his volunteer work with several Pi Kappa Phi chapters, his demonstrated commitment to helping people is a trademark of his personality. The lessons Brother Morgan learned growing up in Louisiana (including hard work, industriousness and self-determination) are at the heart of this scholarship program.

Overall, this scholarship seeks to recognize academic performance by Pi Kappa Phi’s undergraduate members while also encouraging active and sustained involvement within students’ chapters, campuses and surrounding communities. At the core of the David D. Morgan “Extra Mile” National Scholars Program is the attitude that if you work hard, apply your talents and simply go the “extra mile” in all you do, you will find success in life.


Each fall, The David D. Morgan “Extra Mile” National Scholars Program recognizes students who not only apply themselves in the classroom but also in life by going the “extra mile” in all they do.

The total number of recipients varies each year and grants are dispersed in increments of $500, $750, and $1,000 to students who are selected as recipients.

To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • Be an initiated member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
  • Be enrolled as a fulltime student at his university
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Complete a Points Worksheet
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from an employer verifying employment (if applicable)
  • Complete the entire application

2022 Recipients

Spring 2022
Joseph Adams, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Trace Anthon, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Andrew Dubriske, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Colby Grayson, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Jonatan Jimenez, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Travis Jimenez, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Schuyler Mason, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)

2021 Recipients

Spring 2021
Trace Anthon, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Andrew Dubriske, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Jonathan Gennaro, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Jonatan Jimenez, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Emmett Nobles, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Jacob Norris, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Joshua Wiggins, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)

Fall 2021
Victor Ambriz, Delta Beta (North Georgia)
Adrian Ampon, Delta Delta (Truman State )
Grayson Bateman, Zeta Chapter (Wofford)
Jacob Beavers, Beta Epsilon (Missouri)
Logan Belleville, Alpha Theta (Michigan State)
Austin Berry, Nu (Nebraska)
Nicholas Bonfiglio, Kappa (North Carolina)
Jakob Bredell, Beta Epsilon (Missouri)
Zachary Buchanan, Gamma Beta (Old Dominion)
Preston Cafer, Delta Chi (Kansas State)
Jacob Caulkins, Eta Gamma (Colorado)
Sawyer Conrad, Epsilon Theta (Seton Hall)
Kusai Contractor, Theta Theta (Iowa)
Cristian Contreras, Iota Tau (Rutgers)
Patrick Conway, Delta Psi (Texas-Arlington)
Fernando Cortes, Iota Iota (Cal Poly-Pomona)
Kyle Crossman, Kappa Pi (Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo)
Rodger Dafoe, Eta Upsilon (Miami)
Justin Donnelly, Kappa Omicron (Connecticut)
Michael Gallagher, Theta Sigma (Cal State-Long Beach)
Nathaniel Garner, Alpha Alpha (Mercer)
Tyler Glynn, Alpha (College of Charleston)
Hunter Griffie, Alpha Epsilon (Florida)
Lloyd Guzman, Epsilon Phi (UAB)
Alex Hayes, Epsilon Phi (UAB)
Joshua Hernandez, Delta Lambda (UNC Charlotte)
Daniel Hogan, Iota Nu (Mississippi State)
Nathan Impellizzeri, Omega (Purdue)
Paul Kula, Alpha Omicron (Iowa State)
Luke Melin, Theta Xi (Arizona State)
Christian Musgrave, Beta Epsilon (Missouri)
Robert Neumann, Kappa Chi (Northeastern)
Ayush Patel, Epsilon Phi (UAB)
Roman Patrick, Zeta Epsilon (George Mason)
Shea Poloskey, Alpha Epsilon (Florida)
Peyton Randazzo, Iota Nu (Mississippi State)
Syed Raza, Epsilon Phi (UAB)
Brian Reynolds, Nu (Nebraska)
Ryan Robinson, Alpha Rho (West Virginia)
Calvin Ryan, Kappa (North Carolina)
Mohammad Firas Sada, Alpha Phi (IIT)
Justin Schneider, Beta Gamma (Louisville)
Gabriel Schultz, Theta Sigma (Cal State-Long Beach)
Francis Strasek, Iota Pi (Dayton)
Zackery Teachey, Kappa Lambda (Wisconsin)
Hunter Thompson, Gamma Gamma (Troy)
Adam Tice, Delta Sigma (Bowling Green)
Cameron Tice, Alpha Iota (Auburn)
Tyler Wagner, Delta Delta (Truman State)
Ian Wagoner, Kappa (North Carolina)
Austin Young, Iota Phi (Loyola - New Orleans)

Past Recipients

Spring 2020
Trace Anthon, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Colton Campbell, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Andrew Dubriske, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Steven Gardner, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Daniel Larin, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Jacob Norris, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Nicholas Olivares, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Aron Stephens, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)

Fall 2020
Joshua Abshire, Gamma Phi (South Alabama)
Harsh Aggarwal, Delta Psi (Texas – Arlington
Carlos Arzate, Alpha Lambda (Mississippi)
Grayson Asire, Alpha Iota (Auburn)
Faris Avdic, Kappa Mu (California – Merced)
Brandon Baum, Zeta Phi (Colorado State)
Jacob Beavers, Beta Epsilon (Missouri)
Corbin Blanch, Theta Lambda (Missouri State)
Zachary Buchanan, Gamma Beta (Old Dominion)
James Campbell, Delta Beta (North Georgia)
Jacob Caulkins, Eta Gamma (Colorado – Boulder)
Jeremy Coliton, Sigma (South Carolina)
Sawyer Conrad, Epsilon Theta (Seton Hall)
Patrick Conway, Delta Psi (Texas – Arlington)
Anthony D’Andrea, Kappa Omicron (Connecticut)
Jun Deng, Alpha Sigma (Tennessee)
Jakob Elmshaeuser, Delta Psi (Texas – Arlington)
Jaime Fascowich, Northeastern (Northeastern)
Tyler Glynn, Alpha (College of Charleston)
Giovanni Gradellini, Delta Delta (Truman State)
Anthony Guccione, Theta Nu (Delaware)
Andrew Hamende, Zeta Eta (South Florida)
John Higgins, Epsilon Chi (Denver)
Alan Ho, Iota Tau (Rutgers)
Davis Kang, Kappa (UNC – Chapel Hill)
Owen Kelly, Iota Epsilon (Susquehanna)
Christopher Kirby, Delta Lambda (UNC Charlotte)
Anderson Leal, Iota Phi (Loyola – New Orleans)
Braden Leuthauser, Delta Delta (Truman State)
Mark Mansour, Alpha Upsilon (Drexel)
Ethan McKelvain, Alpha Omicron (Iowa State)
Ethan Miletich, Eta Phi (Maryland Baltimore County)
Ryan Miller, Kappa Omicron (Connecticut)
Matthew Moutvic, Upsilon (Illinois)
Herberth Muguruza, Kappa Omicron (Connecticut)
Jack Murphy, Alpha Psi (Indiana)
William North, Alpha Kappa (Michigan)
Dennis Pilipenko, Kappa Omicron (Connecticut)
Josh Prentice, Kappa Epsilon (Stony Brook)
Pranav Ravivenkatesh, Alpha Omicron (Iowa State)
Karthik Reddy, Epsilon Phi (UAB)
Brandon Runner, Alpha Chi (Miami)
Justin Schneider, Beta Gamma (Louisville)
Grant Silver, Alpha Psi (Indiana)
Richard Simmerman, Iota Phi (Loyola – New Orleans)
Thomas Sottile, Alpha Mu (Penn State)
Richard Stefani, Kappa Iota (Idaho)
Francis Strasek, Iota Pi (Dayton)
Benjamin Terefenko, Lambda (Georgia)
Tyler Wagner, Delta Delta (Truman State)
Alec Williams, Iota Lambda (Quinnipiac)
Ryan Williams, Alpha Theta (Michigan State)
Timothy Yoo, Upsilon (Illinois)

Fall 2019
Joshua Abshire, Gamma Phi (South Alabama)
Faris Avdic, Kappa Mu (California, Merced)
Austin Berry, Nu (Nebraska-Lincoln)
Corbin Blanch, Theta Lambda (Missouri State )
Hunter Bormann, Gamma Phi (South Alabama)
James Buckley, Theta Epsilon (Kansas)
Kyle Chamberlain, Beta Xi (Central Michigan)
Hyun Choi, Iota Xi (Texas - Dallas)
Ben Davids, Delta (Furman)
Tate Dyer, Theta Psi (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Matthew Espinoza, Epsilon Nu (Sacramento State)
John Fewell, Sigma (South Carolina)
Lynard Gardner, Epsilon Eta (Winthrop)
Blaise Gassman, Iota Pi (Dayton)
Thomas Gibbons, Alpha Alpha (Mercer)
Giovanni Gradellini, Delta Delta (Truman State)
Shane Grant, Iota Lambda (Quinnipiac)
Christopher Groth, Beta Beta (Florida Southern)
Kalvin Guyer, Zeta (Wofford)
Benjamin Hart, Kappa Omicron (Connecticut)
John Hayes, Eta Upsilon (Miami)
Brycen Higdon, Alpha Alpha (Mercer)
John Higgins, Epsilon Chi (Denver)
Matthew Hudson, Epsilon Phi (UAB)
Aditya Jalan, Kappa Phi (Northeastern )
Kory Jarzyk, Alpha Alpha (Mercer)
Jaime Jimenez Jr., Iota Phi (Loyola - New Orleans)
Jared Johnson, Theta Phi (Louisiana Tech)
Christopher Jue, Lambda (Georgia)
Henry Kendrick, Epsilon Phi (UAB)
Gavin Keogh, Kappa Lambda (Wisconsin - Madison)
William Kerdasha, Alpha Alpha (Mercer)
Steven Littaua, Eta Sigma (UCLA)
Koby Ljunggren, Theta Lambda (Missouri State)
Luke Mac, Theta Lambda (Missouri State)
Scott Maggio, Theta Phi (Louisiana Tech)
Tyler Mallory, Alpha (College of Charleston)
Justin May, Beta Upsilon (Virginia)
Patrick Miga, Iota (Georgia Tech)
Ryan Miller, Kappa Omicron (Connecticut-Storrs)
Collin Mitchell, Lambda Iota (Vermont)
Jarek Nguyen, Iota Xi (Texas at Dallas)
Karthik Reddy, Epsilon Phi (UAB)
Jonathan Schantz, Kappa Delta (Florida Atlantic)
Justin Schneider, Beta Gamma (Louisville)
Ethan Tassinari, Zeta Eta (South Florida)
Luke Turner, Kappa Delta (Florida Atlantic University)
Brandon Weis, Alpha Nu (Ohio State)
Matthew Zank, Kappa Kappa (New Mexico)

Spring 2019
Blake Blanchard, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Colton Campbell, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Jonathan Castillo, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
John Harrington, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Daniel Larin, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Christian Rhodes, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Char'Tarian Wilson, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)

Fall 2018
Antwan Ahmed, Alpha Phi (Illinois Tech)
Kody Allen, Kappa Theta (San Diego)
Grigoriy Altukhov, Kappa Delta (Florida Atlantic)
Robert Bailey, Epsilon Psi (Slippery Rock)
Tyler Belden, Gamma Phi (South Alabama)
Oliver Bell, Iota Kappa (Northern Colorado)
Darrin Boland, Mu (Duke)
Jacob Cambre, Theta Phi (Louisiana Tech)
John Canning, Iota Pi (Dayton)
Joshua Cook, Iota Rho (Western Illinois)
Hunter Crafton, Zeta Tau (Barton)
Lanier Dasher, IV, Iota Nu (Mississippi State)
Theodore DeFuria, Theta Mu (UMass – Amherst)
Matthew Espinoza, Epsilon Nu (Sacramento State)
Yusuf Fattah, Zeta Eta (South Florida)
Magno Franco, Beta Alpha (NJIT)
Blaise Gassman, Iota Pi (Dayton)
Benjamin Hart, Kappa Omicron (UConn)
Jason Heister, Kappa Sigma (Colorado - Colorado Springs)
MengJie Hu, Gamma Phi (South Alabama)
Joshua Hunter, Iota Omicron (Iona)
Mark Jurras, Alpha Tau (RPI)
Henry Kendrick, Epsilon Phi (Alabama – Birmingham)
Anderson Leal, Iota Phi (Loyola – New Orleans)
Austin Mann, Kappa Eta (SUNY Geneseo)
Dalton Mann, Iota Rho (Western Illinois)
Samuel McDougal, Iota Nu (Mississippi State)
Nicholas Merna, Kappa Sigma (Colorado - Colorado Springs)
Gage Miller, Alpha Nu (Ohio State)
Griffin Mills, Delta (Furman)
Hutchon Montgomery, Iota Mu (Arkansas - Fort Smith)
Kevin Musco, Kappa Omicron (UConn)
Sean O'Connell, Alpha Epsilon (Florida)
Michael Palmer, Kappa Delta (Florida Atlantic)
Hayden Park, Iota Nu (Mississippi State)
Francisco Pecci, Omicron (Alabama)
Eric Robinson, Kappa Iota (Idaho)
Allen Rogers, Gamma Psi (Augusta)
Romel Rubio, Iota Beta (Texas - San Antonio)
Andrew Sacher, Alpha Upsilon (Drexel)
Justin Schneider, Beta Gamma (Louisville)
William Seitz, Theta Epsilon (Kansas)
Logan Timmis, Iota Nu (Mississippi State)
Scott Urban, Omicron (Alabama)
Michael Williams, Theta Alpha (Southern Mississippi)
Fitsum Wudneh, Kappa Iota (Idaho)

Spring 2018
Thomas Marlbrough, Beta Omicron
Noah Baudoin, Beta Omicron
Michael Dailey, Beta Omicron
Jake Guidry, Beta Omicron
Dedrick Lewis, Beta Omicron
David Johnson, Beta Omicron
Christian Frost, Beta Omicron
Char Wilson, Beta Omicron

Fall 2017
Thomas Marlbrough, Beta Omicron
Jake Guidry, Beta Omicron
Dedrick Lewis, Beta Omicron
David Johnson, Beta Omicron
Noah Baudoin, Beta Omicron
Char Wilson, Beta Omicron
Michael Dailey, Beta Omicron
Christian Frost, Beta Omicron

Fall 2016
Scott Maggio, Theta Phi
Zack Bartel, Gamma Phi
Cole Cunningham, Iota Psi
Matthew Hollander, Theta Theta
Randy Hollins, Gamma Beta
Jarod Moore, Delta Zeta
Parker Parker, Zeta Eta
Pat Lucitt, Delta Delta
Brady Smith, Iota Rho
Joe Sweet, Iota Phi
James Wheatley, Alpha Xi
Andrew Fischer, Theta Sigma
Kevin Milone, Kappa Eta
Alec Nicolaysen, Epsilon Mu
Patrick Sarman, Iota Xi
Jesse Sheplow, Eta Psi
Cole Butchen, Psi
Sam McDougal, Iota Nu
Sean Mulligan, Iota Phi
Matthew Basel, Delta Lambda
Ben Bridges, Epsilon Lambda
Christian Bush, Iota Nu
Ryan Dolmanet, Omicron
Patrick Monaghan, Iota Tau
Luke Nelson, Epsilon Mu
Patrick Yancey, Gamma Iota
Brian Buhr, Mu
Erykk Fuentes, Delta Omega
AJ Covington, Gamma Tau
Josh Garcia, Iota Omicron
Kendall Wilson, Kappa Delta
Derek Lahey. Iota Rho
Sean McCreavy, Iota Phi
Steve Boland, Mu
Danny Lindner, Theta Upsilon
Andres Medina, Gamma Tau
Hayden Park, Iota Nu
Neil Patel, Iota
Ravi Shah, Epsilon Theta
Steven Stone, Iota Mu
Hunter Summey, Epsilon Lambda
Eric Achatz, Zeta Rho
Chase Miller, Theta Pi
Nicholas Simpson, Eta Omicron
Eric Weiss, Alpha Zeta
JP Pellegrino, Iota Omicron
Sam Chaplin, Xi
Christian Correa, Kappa Delta
Christian McSweeney, Eta Gamma
Jack Nelson, Theta Psi
Ross Regan, Theta Alpha
Mo Sultani, Kappa Theta
Will Barnes, Iota Nu
Dan Roy, Kappa Xi
Chase Crafton, Zeta Tau
Shawn Leavor, Zeta Eta
Adam Johnston, Xi
Tyler Rhoads, Alpha Gamma
Theo Economos, Alpha Phi
Mason Thomas, Iota Chi
Drew Geer, Theta Lambda
Andy Hu, Gamma Phi

Spring 2017
Noah Baudoin, Beta Omicron
Michael Dailey, Beta Omicron
Jacob Guidry, Beta Omicron
David Johnson, Beta Omicron
Dedrick Lewis, Beta Omicron
Thomas Marlbrough, Beta Omicron

Fall 2016
Grig Altukhov, Kappa Delta
Nate Barfield, Theta Eta
Ernesto Barquet-Arrambide, Zeta
Alex Barrineau, Zeta Eta South
Kenny Barton, Gamma
Josh Beron, Iota Lambda
Quint Bodine, Beta Eta
Noah Boksansky, Kappa Alpha
Kyle Borgen, Kappa Gamma
Ben Bridges, Epsilon Lambda
Joe Brueggemeyer, Theta
Connor Cable, Alpha Alpha
Kin Chau, Theta Mu
AJ Covington, Gamma Tau
Danny Cruz, Iota Omicron
Michael Dailey, Beta Omicron
Frank D'Amico, Delta Alpha
Lanier Dasher, Iota Nu
Vinny Dellaria, Epsilon Mu
Denny Diep, Theta Pi
Brando Dill, Epsilon Eta
Jacob Drees, Beta Iota
Dane Dvorak, Iota Tau
Jeremy Edwards, Gamma
Solomon Elias, Theta Kappa
Christian Filsouf, Iota Xi
Andrew Fischer, Theta Sigma
Drew Geer, Theta Lambda
Chris Gillen, Iota Omicron
Mariano Gonzalez Montaner, Theta Delta
Danny Guerra, Iota Beta
Joe Hankes, Alpha Theta
Buddy Hash, Zeta Pho
Noah Hendel, Theta Lambda
Shaun Hollywood, Theta Alpha
Brad Holub, Zeta Phi
Andy Hu, Gamma Phi
Ryan Hudgin, Delta Lambda
JJ Jackson, Iota Beta
Rob Johnson, Iota Epsilon
Josh Lee Lee, Theta Theta
Dedrick Lewis, Beta Omicron
Blaine Marshall, Delta Psi
Nelson Mavares, Iota Xi
Sean McCreavy, Iota Phi
Eric McCullough, Theta Lambda
Christian McSweeney, Eta Gamma
Michael Montalvo, Iota Nu
Jordan Neisen, Delta Lambda
Alec Nicolaysen, Epsilon Mu
Ian O'Brien Cannon, Alpha Kappa
Mike Palillo, Theta Nu
Hayden Park, Iota Nu
Antonio Perciavalle, Alpha Xi
Uly Poulmentis, Iota Omicron
Angelo Prosceno, Iota Eta
Tommy Rappa, Alpha Chi
Joe Reinert, Iota Rho
Keith Rivenbark, Eta Mu
Edgar Rojas, Delta Beta
Harris Rosendahl, Kappa Gamma
EJ Sacer, Eta Lambda
Parks Schultz, Kappa Theta
Drew Serva, Theta Psi
Jason Smith, Delta Eta
Andrew Sweigard, Zeta Eta
Nathan Tolle, Delta Chi
Jack Walters, Iota Lambda
Nick Watkins, Eta Phi
Eric Weiss, Alpha Zeta
William Welch, Beta Omicron
Kyle Williams, Theta Sigma
Cam Wolbrink, Theta Rho

Fall 2015
Jake Robertson, Alpha Chi
David Margulis, Alpha Kappa
Tyler Philolius, Beta Beta
Jake Miller, Beta Delta
Ben Hurley, Beta Eta
Adam Bujnowski, Delta Alpha
Connor Davis, Delta Alpha
Alex Emeigh, Delta Alpha
Chris Ochoa, Delta Psi
Darius Bennett, Epsilon Iota
Steven Kellerhals, Epsilon Mu
James Bailey, Eta Psi
Kyle Jaimes, Eta Psi
Drew Gonzalez, Eta Rho
Jeff Boyle, Eta Upsilon
Jeremy Edwards, Gamma
Hayden Irwin, Gamma
Ross McDonald, Gamma Phi
Eric Good, Gamma Tau
Daniel Hansbury, Gamma Tau
Leslie Thomas, Iota Chi
Andrew Loeser, Iota Lambda
Jack Clark, Iota Omicron
Chris Gillen, Iota Omicron
Pat Lynch, Iota Omicron
Mahir Modgil, Iota Xi
Allan Valiente, Theta Delta
Cody Barnett, Theta Xi
Marty Schatz, Upsilon
Hunter Hinson, Zeta Tau
Chaemoon Lee, Alpha Phi
Kosta Andoni, Alpha Tau
John Ferns, Beta Alpha
Manton Capers, Beta Omicron
Zack Cockerham, Beta Omicron
Tyler Robinson, Beta Omicron
Michael Halbany, Beta Xi
Matt Smith, Delta Omega
Joey Baldinger, Epsilon Psi
Philip Karch, Eta Lambda
Kevin Bachar, Eta Theta
Jesse Larch, Iota Epsilon
Tyler Droste, Iota Lambda
David Joyner, Kappa
Cody Dawson, Theta
Michael Muse, Theta
Tyler Prosser, Theta Iota
Brandon Jenson, Theta Lambda
Devon O'Rourke, Theta Mu
Shane Conway, Theta Pi
John David McPhail, Theta Pi
Jacob Van Der Schans, Theta Pi
Nathan Alford-Tate, Theta Rho
Daniel Chu, Theta Sigma
Spencer Craig, Theta Sigma
Deshe Gully, Theta Sigma
Jake Hoyt, Theta Sigma
Curtis Brinkman, Beta Iota
Wesley Bray, Beta Omicron
Michael Dailey, Beta Omicron
William Devall, Beta Omicron
David Johnson, Beta Omicron
Zach Shirah, Gamma Phi
Cory Gonzales, Gamma Tau
Sean McCreavy, Iota Phi
Brian Parro, Kappa Alpha
Cassius Dixon, Sigma
Ryan Stroup, Theta
Kevin Cuellar, Theta Delta
Ryan Snitzer, Theta Kappa
Connor Aller, Theta Lambda
Drew Geer, Theta Lambda
Adam Johnston, Xi
Jayson Guthrie, Zeta Rho

Fall 2014
Hayden Irwin, Gamma (UC - Berkeley)
Kenny Day, Theta (Cincinnati)
Zachery Wiles, Theta (Cincinnati)
Jay Canarick, Mu (Duke)
Parker Troutman, Omicron (Alabama)
Kevin Elya, Alpha Epsilon (Florida)
Kyle Tanner, Alpha Lambda (Mississippi)
Blake Weiss, Alpha Lambda (Mississippi)
Thom Lamson, Alpha Xi (St. John’s)
Johnny Madden, Alpha Psi (Indiana)
Daniel Rucker, Alpha Omega (Oregon)
Derek Torres, Beta Alpha (NJIT)
Zach Kellogg, Beta Beta (Florida Southern)
Quint Bodine, Beta Eta (Florida State)
Nick Horning, Beta Iota (Toledo)
Matt Berlin, Beta Xi (Central Michigan)
Sean Austin, Beta Omicron (NSU)
Zack Cockerham, Beta Omicron (NSU)
Kolt Kays, Beta Omicron (NSU)
Anthony Hunter, Beta Omicron (NSU)
TJ O’Rourke, Beta Omicron (NSU)
Manton Capers, Beta Omicron (NSU)
Will Reinert, Gamma Gamma (Troy)
Joel Langley, Gamma Phi (South Alabama)
Ross McDonald, Gamma Phi (South Alabama)
Sam Johnson, Delta Alpha (VA Tech)
Galen Howlett, Delta Zeta (Appalachian State)
Ryan Billingsly, Epsilon Mu (Bradley)
Jay Pecheux, Epsilon Omega (Texas Tech)
Jacob Adkins, Zeta Pi (Marshall)
Luis Alvarez, Zeta Rho (Cal State - Fullerton)
Kevin Bachar, Eta Theta (San Francisco)
Phil Karch, Eta Lambda (SUNY - Brockport)
Michael Scimeca, Eta Psi (Central Florida)
Jordan Hardin, Theta Alpha (Southern Miss)
Dylan Cleary, Theta Zeta (George Washington)
Devon O’Rourke, Theta Mu (UMass - Amherst)
Jesus Maldonado, Theta Pi (UT - Tyler)
Matt Smith, Theta Pi (UT - Tyler)
Jacob Van Der Schans, Theta Pi (UT - Tyler)
Eric Glass, Theta Sigma (Cal State - Long Beach)
Taylor Haddock, Theta Phi (Louisiana Tech)
Franz Limeta, Iota Zeta (Stephen Austin)
Matt Beck, Iota Lambda (Quinnipiac)
Chris Aldarelli, Iota Lambda (Quinnipiac)
Haden Johnson, Iota Nu (Mississippi State)
Daniel Bricker, Iota Xi (UT - Dallas)
Asif Kabani, Iota Xi (UT - Dallas)
Pat Lynch, Iota Omicron (Iona)
Mick Potthast, Iota Omicron (Iona)
Jordan Arends, Iota Pi (Dayton)
Tony Fairchild, Iota Rho (Western Illinois)