Working with Vendors

Vendors can help alumni chapters/housing corporations and undergraduate chapters operate efficient segments of the chapter housing experience. Their professional expertise assists where local expertise or time may not be available.

Pi Kappa Phi Properties has experience in working with vendors across the country and can assist you in locating resources in the following areas:

Billing and Collections

Pi Kappa Phi uses Omega Fi as the nationally approved vendor for chapter billing and collections. Pi Kappa Phi Properties can assist your corporation in setting up billing through Omega Fi in order to properly collect rent and pay housing expenses efficiently.

Property Management

Properties works with a number of property management companies across the country. Levels of service range from operating a repair and maintenance call service to a full-service program where leasing, collections, expense management and capital budgeting are done professionally for your corporation.   Properties can help you partner with the service provider that can improve and streamline your housing business operation.

Food Service

Whether your corporation operates a fully functional food service or is looking to implement a food service program for the first time, there are resources to help you. Properties works with national food service vendors that can help you reduce your food costs through group purchasing services or operate a full-service meal plan that fits your chapter’s needs, including  hiring staff, meal planning and service to your student members.


Properties has worked with a number of national fundraising consulting firms that can help your chapter plan for a major project or alumni communication program.

Income Taxes and the IRS

Alumni chapters and housing corporations as well as undergraduate chapters should file tax returns on an annual basis. If your corporation needs help filing tax returns or working on state or federal income tax related issues, Pi Kappa Phi Properties can help.  Properties has also worked to help some chapters address IRS tax penalty issues through legal assistance and other third-party services.

Real Estate Taxes

Many local counties or municipal governments allow alumni corporation-owned property to be exempt or partially exempt from real estate taxes. Properties staff can help you investigate whether this is an option for your corporation.

For help in identifying a resource to help your chapter, contact Pi Kappa Phi Properties at (980) 318-5360.