Look up!

I saw an example of this just last night as I was running along the sea wall in Apia, as I passed a group of teenagers face deep in their phones. I was astounded that this behavior was present even here in Samoa. Taking on this adventure and being unplugged was an enticing concept from the beginning. I have consumed myself in the noise and screens for too long. With that said, I have still found myself struggling with fact of being semi off grid. You can say I have a case of the withdrawals.

The ability to call, message, or text at any given moment is a something I have taken for major granted. Not having the option to talk to my family or friends at the drop of a dime is somewhat haunting, and just now sinking in. It especially hit me when reading my father’s email last night expressing his same concern. I still have ways of communication, and if need be I can contact my parents in an emergency, so I am not overly stressing.

What has caught me off guard is the stich I have seemed to develop over time. What is this you ask? Well, I find myself continually reaching into my right pocket to only stare at a blank screen of my phone. I constantly feel the need to check for Facebook notices or texts. This would not be uncommon in the States, but here… it serves no purpose, as I have zero service. This is how I know I have become technology dependent, an addict as you will. When conversations begin to dull, or there is a quiet moment I sense myself reaching for that extra hit of Instagram. I have developed this sickening defense mechanism to combat against actual interaction.

Well, I say no more. It is time to drop from the ranks of technology addicts and join the real world. I need to learn how to be a human being who actually looks at the world around them again. I have lost some of my curious nature and that is not okay. Life doesn’t live on a small screen in front of me. It is time to put my hands to work and my eyes back on what’s happening around me. As I look up I am ready to look at what is in front of me, Samoa.