Anniversary Gifts to the College of Charleston

Pi Kappa Phi has donated four gifts to the College of Charleston to commemorate our 25th, 50th, 75th and 100th anniversaries. These gifts are still prominent landmarks on the campus of the College of Charleston and are favorite landmarks of all Pi Kapps who make a visit to Charleston, S.C.

As 1929 drew to a close, brothers and guests gathered in Charleston to celebrate the fraternity’s silver anniversary with the dedication of the memorial gate. By this time, two founders remained, Mixson and Fogarty, and they were joined by many others who had once held the mantle of leadership in the earliest days of Pi Kappa Phi.

In 1954, after surviving two dark periods during the fraternity’s early history — the Great Depression and World War II — Pi Kappa Phi convened in Charleston once again to pay tribute to the founders and to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Past National President John D. Carroll, Sigma (South Carolina), gave remarks dedicating the clock atop Randolph Hall, the College’s main administrative building.

In 1979 Pi Kappa Phi celebrated its 75th anniversary. The fraternity the founders had known was now a much larger and more diverse organization. Julius Burges, Alpha (Charleston), who had served as treasurer of the 50th anniversary, was called upon again to render his leadership for the fraternity. A rose garden, featuring the flower of the fraternity, was given to the College in honor of the founding.

The Centennial Commission

Pi Kappa Phi’s Centennial Celebration in 2004 not only marked a symbolic milestone for the fraternity, but tangibly brought leaders and brothers together in a coordinated volunteer effort through the Centennial Commission. Led by then-National Vice President John R. Andrews, Delta Delta (Truman State), the Centennial Commission, which numbered nearly 260 members, provided leadership for an enhanced celebration and critical funding for the centennial gift — a 40-foot bell tower adorned with plaques bearing the images of our three founders, erected in the fraternity’s honor in front of the College’s library.