Farley Inducted into West Virginia University Greek Life Hall of Fame

It is with great pleasure that to share the news that Alpha Rho Alumni Chapter Chairman Emeritus, Patrick E. Farley, AP 67, has been named the newest inductee to the West Virginia University Greek Life Hall of Fame.
Farley will be inducted on April 20th in Morgantown at a special ceremony.
Looking back at the accomplishments of Farley, and his impact on the history of the Alpha Rho Chapter, it’s clear he is more than deserving. But when you also include his work at Pi Kappa Phi’s National Office, first as a leadership consultant and later as the first director of what is now The Ability Experience, combined with his excellent work as the Greek Life Advisor at The University of Pennsylvania, you can see why his inclusion in the West Virginia University Greek Life Hall of Fame is more than warranted.
Since 1978, Farley has always answered the call in promoting and advancing Greek Life. For years, he has served as the patriarch of Alpha Rho. He was the first member of the 1978 rechartering of Alpha Rho, and through his leadership, set the standard for Archons for years to come. He has served his chapter selflessly, without fail, mostly behind the scenes and without expectation of recognition. It is therefore fitting that in the last 12 months, he has been rightly recognized with the highest distinction the Alpha Rho Chapter can give, and now the highest distinction at West Virginia University as a fraternity man.
Congratulations Brother Farley! Your legacy lives eternally with Alpha Rho and now with West Virginia University.
Content provided by Tom Begley, Alpha Rho Alumni Chapter President.