The Hart Institute for Social Event Planning educates fraternity/sorority life professionals on how to help students plan safe and successful social events in compliance with the industry standard risk management guidelines. For 2019, our framework will focus on the NIC Health and Safety Guidelines found here. Additionally, the curriculum is grounded in work from the Higher Education Center, National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and the framework behind stages of change and motivational interviewing framework.

The Institute is intended to “train the trainer” and equip campus-based professionals, as well as staff members from inter/national headquarters, to not only better understand their own risk management policies, but also to implement strategies to train students, staff, and volunteers to on how to plan and host safe and successful social events. In the past, teams from a campus have attended including students and staff (Fraternity/Sorority Life, campus police, conduct and/or Title IX).

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