Cody Poplin

30under30-LOGODuring his time at Kappa, Cody was a founding father and served his chapter as Archon. He also is a Pi Alpha having ridden Journey of Hope South Route during the 2011 year. Following graduation he accepted an opportunity to work for the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi, India as a Henry Luce visiting scholar, where he launched a project on Indian economic diplomacy. After this Cody was awarded the Francis Phillips Travel Fellowship and traveled through Europe studying European warfare. For this and other research he received the Herbert Scoville Jr. Fellowship in Washington, D.C. for future leaders in the field of national security policy, focusing on US counter-terrorism policy. Currently Cody is a research associate in government studies at the Brookings Institution, one of the premier think tanks in the world. He works primarily in the national security realm and is the associate editor of the Lawfare, a digital magazine on national security law and policy published in cooperation with Brookings. Cody is also a ladder of risk facilitator for the fraternity and planning to attend law school in the near future.

Advice for students and young alumni:
“Go travel if you can, anywhere and everywhere. You will expose yourself to new cultures and gain empathy for others. It’s the quickest way to broaden your horizons.”