Standing Committees

Standing committees are appointed by the National Council to assist the national staff in planning and executing strategy. The following are the current committees:

Alumni Relations Committee

Denny BubrigMember
Casey CorneliusMember
Steve DePalmaMember
Jay KahnMember
Kenny OubreMember
John OwenMember
Dave WhiteMember

Expansion Committee

Bradley CharlesworthChairman
Brandon BeloteStaff Member
James MaloneyStaff Member
Mark TimmesStaff Member
Scott GaspariniMember
Trent GilbertMember
Curt HerzogMember
Ted ScharfensteinMember
Tom SullivanNational Council Liaison

Higher Education Committee

Bob GattiChairman
Ronald DouglasMember
Tim HebsonNational Council Liaison

Member Education Committee

Dwayne ToddChairman
Jeremy InabinetAssistant Chairman
Joslyn McGriffStaff Member
Greg ChaseMember
Tyler QuinnMember
Lindsay SellMember
Rachael WiseMember
Tim HebsonNational Council Liaison

National Archivist Committee

Dick BakerChairman

Nominating Committee

Jeff WahlenChairman
Mark TimmesStaff Member
John AndrewsMember
Ernest JohnsonMember
David LaneMember

Recruitment Committee

Tom SullivanNational Council Liaison

Risk Management

Dan WronaChairman
Kim NovakAssistant Chairman
Justin AngottiStaff Member
Lori HartStaff Member
Mark TimmesStaff Member
Aaron BachenheimerMember
Keith EllisMember
Brent GrunigMember
David KeelMember
James SmithNational Council Liaison

Ritual & Insignia Committee

Dick BakerChairman
Pat KuhnleAssistant Chairman
C. Brad MiddletonStaff Member
Eli AguirreMember
Derek BergerMember
Jason BiggsMember
Robert CorwinMember
Ken CribbsMember
Derek DoyleMember
A. J. FriedhoffMember
Matt HuntMember
Ryan MontgomeryMember
Dave WhiteMember
Tyler WilliamsMember
Woody WoodcockMember
Tracy MadduxNational Council Liaison

Scholarship Committee

David VawterChairman
Michael HevelAssistant Chairman
Joslyn McGriffStaff Member
John Mark DayMember
Craig FilarMember
Eric PernottoMember
Frank WrennNational Council Liaison