When the pressures of life surround us, it’s important to practice mindfulness

Mindfulness Matters

When the pressures of life surround us, it’s important to practice mindfulness (mindfulness = self-awareness). With awareness of your needs and wants, it is easier to have self-care in your daily routine. While taking care our ourselves is essential, brothers of Pi Kappa Phi have a broader commitment to care for our community and those close to us.

Caring for Yourself

  • Block off a few hours each week just for you – enjoy a hobby, go to the gym, watch a TV show or movie, take a nap, meditate, etc. When taking this time, remind yourself that you are doing this for
  • Take advantage of the mental health and well-being resources offered to members of Pi Kappa Phi.
  • Have realistic expectations for yourself. Are you trying to accomplish too much in a day? Working until you are burned out? If you are, adjust your expectations, so they work for you.

Caring through Acts of Service for Others

  • Sign-up for community volunteer opportunities, like a local food pantry or organization that supports people with disabilities.
  • If your undergraduate/alumni chapter (or regional alumni association) partners with a local nonprofit, volunteer on your own or with a group.
  • Learn how you can support The Ability Experience.

Caring for Loved Ones

  • Driving or walking somewhere? Use this time to call someone you have not spoken to lately. A five-minute minute call might make someone’s day – or yours.
  • Spend time with people close to you – grab a coffee, hit up your favorite restaurant or even run errands together.
  • Express appreciation and gratitude. One way you can do this is by writing a thank you card or giving someone a small token of appreciation.

Feeling overwhelmed can sneak up on us when we are hard at work. Encountering some level of stress or challenges is normal and sometimes inevitable. By practicing mindfulness and being self-aware, we are prepared for difficult moments and creating a better environment through service to others and those we hold dear.