Tips for job seekers

Job Search Strategies with Cameron Woods

Whether you’re just starting or looking for a change, there are time-tested strategies that can help you search for jobs. We chatted with Cameron ‘Cam’ Woods, Iota Omicron (Iona), 2021 Thirty Under 30 recipient, who currently serves as senior vice president at Selby Jennings focused on investment banking recruitment.

Cam offered these three tips for job/career seekers:

 #1 Resume
“Perfect Proof” your resume to ensure it is error-free. Proof several times and seek support from your campus career center, brothers, family and friends. While perfecting your resume, polish your social media platforms.

#2 Interview
Know your strengths. Identify what you are not good at and how you work to improve. Interviewers are looking at soft skills. Are you motivated and trustworthy? Can you demonstrate your resilient qualities? Do you own your mistakes? How can you prove your tenacity? Understand the industry of the job for which you are applying and offer insights into trends that are occurring. When answering examples, provide tangible examples.

#3 Follow-up
Send a thoughtful follow-up email. Thank the person for their time. Mention aspects of the company you liked and highlight how you will contribute to their success.

With these tips, you can make the most of your job search. Having a resourceful and broad network also makes this process more effective. Learn more about networking by checking out this article.