Direct: (980) 318-5317

Chapter: Theta Lambda
College: Missouri State University
Hometown: Freeburg, Illinois

Curt Herzog

Chief Growth Officer

Curt attended Missouri State University, where he studied communications, marketing and sales. He was a founding father of the Theta Lambda Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. He joined staff in 2008 as a leadership consultant and has since served in roles such as director of chapter development and director of new chapter development as well as roles at various organizations before transitioning to his current role. In his current role, he works to manage chapter growth and development; executing the Fraternity’s expansion, growth and recruitment strategies. In his free time, Curt enjoys playing various sports, cooking and grilling, doing jigsaw puzzles and playing games with friends.  

Fun Fact: Curt was born with two different colored eyes, a genetic mutation called Heterochromia. His eyes became dichromatic in college when one eye changed to a combination of two colors different from the other eye.  

Curt can help you with questions regarding the leadership consultant program, chapter growth, expansion and chapter development.