2023 Thirty Under 30

Jordan Mincey


Since graduating in 2021, Jordan Mincey, Alpha Alpha (Mercer), has built a diverse and successful marketing and content creation career. His undergraduate experience in Pi Kappa Phi helped him develop valuable leadership skills such as communication, delegation and teamwork, as well as teaching him the value of building relationships and networking, which have been invaluable throughout his career. His first “big break” in the industry came when he was hired by someone he met during his time in his undergraduate chapter and who held the chapter in high regard. He has worked at Entertainment Sports Network (ESPN) as a videographer and was the marketing head at Eurofed Automotive. He currently serves as the marketing content manager for Gtechniq North America and has played a pivotal role in expanding the company’s brand reach and in forming partnerships with high-profile influencers such as Sung Kang, Joe Graf Jr., Brantley, Gilbert and more. Jordan’s ability to adapt and stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of marketing has been critical to his success, constantly learning and exploring new technologies and strategies to ensure that he’s providing clients with the most effective solutions. This drive to continually innovate and improve is a value that has been instilled in him through his experiences in Pi Kappa Phi.  




Jordan and his fellow Thirty Under 30 recipients will be honored at the 2023 Pi Kapp Alumni Reunion. Interested in joining us? Click here to learn more.