2023 Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers Award Recipients

At Pi Kappa Phi’s 2024 Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers events, which brought undergraduate officers from across the country together in Birmingham, Pittsburgh and Dallas, chapters that demonstrated excellence or great improvement in numerous areas in 2023, such as governance, financial integrity, member education, recruitment and retention, living the ritual and student experience were recognized.  

As a highlight of the ceremony, Pi Kappa Phi’s highest awards for undergraduate chapters, Champion Master Chapters and Founders’ Awards were handed out. To be named a Champion Master Chapter in 2023 and, therefore, a finalist for the Founders’ Award, chapters must have achieved a composite score of “three stars” on the organization’s Seven Objectives Report. The Founders’ Award recognizes only the most outstanding Pi Kappa Phi chapters in the nation; recipients of this award must display overall excellence in each of the Seven Objectives: governance, growth, member experience, branding and communication, scholarship, service and philanthropy and campus involvement.  

We congratulate our 2023 award recipients and hope to see continued excellence from our undergraduate chapters in 2024.  

Founders' AwardAlpha Iota (Auburn)
Founders' AwardAlpha Nu (Ohio State)
Founders' AwardBeta Alpha (NJIT)
Founders' AwardDelta Lambda (UNC-Charlotte)
Founders' AwardEpsilon Beta (Grand Valley State)
Founders' AwardEta Chi (Texas Christian)
Founders' AwardIota Rho (Western Illinois)
Founders' AwardIota Tau (Rutgers)
Founders' AwardTau (NC State)
Founders' AwardTheta Psi (RIT)
Founders' AwardTheta Tau (High Point)
Champion Master ChapterAlpha Iota (Auburn)
Champion Master ChapterAlpha Nu (Ohio State)
Champion Master ChapterBeta Alpha (NJIT)
Champion Master ChapterBeta Epsilon (Missouri-Columbia)
Champion Master ChapterDelta Lambda (UNC-Charlotte)
Champion Master ChapterGrand Valley State University
Champion Master ChapterEta Chi (Texas Christian)
Champion Master ChapterEta Gamma (Boulder)
Champion Master ChapterIota Rho (Western Illinois)
Champion Master ChapterIota Tau (Rutgers)
Champion Master ChapterKappa Delta (Florida Atlantic)
Champion Master ChapterTau (NC State)
Champion Master ChapterTheta Psi (RIT)
Champion Master ChapterTheta Tau (High Point)
Archon of the YearBailey Sumner, Alpha (College of Charleston)
Outstanding ArchonMichael Schober, Beta Alpha (NJIT)
Outstanding ArchonJacob Gravitt, Delta (Furman)
Outstanding ArchonBryson Jeans, Eta Delta (Kennesaw State)
Vice Archon of the YearEthan Schwab, Epsilon Chi (Denver)
Outstanding Vice ArchonAidan MacDonald, Epsilon Beta (Grand Valley State)
Outstanding Vice ArchonLuke Gatewood, Eta Chi (Texas Christian)
Outstanding Vice ArchonJeffrey Bush, Iota Theta (Tennessee Tech)
Alumni Initiation AwardLambda Iota (Vermont)
Associate Chapter Advisor of the YearScott Carpenter, Beta Xi (Central Michigan)
Chad A. Coltrane Philanthropy Chair of the Year AwardMarcus Semmelmen, Eta Chi (Texas Christian)
Council of Advisors Member of the YearDavid Thompson Gamma Kappa (Georgia Southern)
Digital Media Presence of the YearIota Epsilon (Susquehanna)
Durward W. Owen Fundraising AwardEta Chi (Texas Christian)
Executive Award Iota Alpha (Sacred Heart)
Executive Award Omicron (Alabama)
Executive Award Theta Xi (Arizona State)
Joe Sewell Intramural AwardAlpha Mu (Penn State)
Journey Program Facilitator of the YearAlexander Salemme Epsilon Eta (Winthrop)
Leadership Through Service AwardAlpha Iota (Auburn)
Most Improved Service and PhilanthropyAlpha Sigma (Tennessee)
Most Improved Service and PhilanthropyIota Rho (Western Illinois)
Most Improved Service and PhilanthropyTheta Psi (RIT)
Most Outstanding EventAlpha Iota (Auburn)
Outstanding Alumni and Volunteer SupportAlpha Alpha (Mercer)
Outstanding Alumni and Volunteer SupportAlpha Gamma (Oklahoma)
Outstanding Alumni and Volunteer SupportEpsilon Beta (Grand Valley State)
Outstanding Event AwardWar of the Roses, Iota Iota (Cal Poly-Pomona)
Outstanding Event AwardWar of the Roses, Kappa Delta (Florida Atlantic)
Outstanding Event AwardWar of the Roses, Theta Xi (Arizona State)
Outstanding Financial IntegrityEpsilon Chi (Denver)
Outstanding Financial IntegrityGamma Phi (South Alabama)
Outstanding Financial IntegrityKappa Psi (Wake Forest University)
Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Life Advisor Clint Coulter, Samford University
Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Life Advisor Mary-Katherine Horton, Northwestern State University
Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority Life Advisor Mike Sampson, Northeastern University
Outstanding GovernanceEpsilon Beta (Grand Valley State)
Outstanding GovernanceIota Nu (Mississippi State)
Outstanding GovernanceTheta Tau (High Point)
Outstanding GPAIota (Georgia Tech)
Outstanding GPAKappa (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Outstanding GPAPsi (Cornell)
Outstanding Living the RitualBeta Epsilon (Missouri-Columbia)
Outstanding Living the RitualGamma Beta (Old Dominion)
Outstanding Living the RitualTheta Lambda (Missouri State)
Outstanding Member EducationAlpha Mu (Penn State)
Outstanding Member EducationBeta Alpha (NJIT)
Outstanding Member EducationIota (Georgia Tech)
Outstanding Philantrhopy ChairAdam Gautreaux, Alpha Iota (Auburn)
Outstanding Philantrhopy ChairDozier Rogers, Gamma Psi (Augusta)
Outstanding Philantrhopy ChairNick Reid, Omega (Purdue)
Outstanding Philantrhopy ChairJohn Letendre, Psi (Cornell)
Outstanding Recruitment and RetentionAlpha Iota (Auburn)
Outstanding Recruitment and RetentionEpsilon Upsilon (Georgia College)
Outstanding Recruitment and RetentionIota Alpha (Sacred Heart)
Outstanding Service Philanthropy Eta Psi (Central Florida)
Outstanding Service Philanthropy Iota Iota (Cal Poly-Pomona)
Outstanding Service Philanthropy Theta Xi (Arizona State)
Outstanding Student Experience Beta Alpha (NJIT)
Outstanding Student Experience Iota Rho (Western Illinois)
Outstanding Student Experience Tau (NC State)
Outstanding Volunteer RelationshipAlpha (College of Charleston), For their work with Best Buddies
Outstanding Volunteer RelationshipDelta Beta (North Georgia), For their work with Camp Twin Lakes
Outstanding Volunteer RelationshipIota Iota (Cal Poly-Pomona), For their work with Golden Heart Ranch
Pi Kapp College Facilitator of the Year Cavin Villarreal, Iota Psi (Boise State)
The Ability Experience CupEta Chi (Texas Christian)
The Star of Hope AwardOmega (Purdue)
Theron A. Houser Most improved ChapterAlpha Omicron (Iowa State)
Theron A. Houser Most improved ChapterAlpha Sigma (Tennesse-Knoxville)
Top Associate Chapter AwardDelta Psi (Texas-Arlington)
W.E. Edington Award Psi (Cornell)
Wade G. Birch Chapter Advisor of the YearEric Aguinaga for his work with Alpha Zeta (Oregon State)