Zack’s Goals with the Peace Corps

Time is drawing ever so near to departure and it is beginning to dawn on me. While on a run the other day several topics crossed my mind other than how my feet hurt. I couldn’t help but think about my soon to be niece/nephew and what I would like to accomplish while in Samoa.

My brother Jason recently sent me a sonogram of his baby, which immediately drew the biggest smile to my face. I knew immediately that this baby is going to be something special to me. I absolutely can’t wait til he/she is born. Every bone in my body is aching to be a great uncle and spoil the crap out of this child. Jason and Ashley may just hate me for some of the toys I’ll be buying. This child came to my mind because I will unfortunately be missing his/her first two years, and that for some reason doesn’t come easy to me. I know he or she won’t remember those years, and it doesn’t make me a bad uncle, but I wish I could be present for those years. I know it will go by fast, but I will be missing that child from a world away.

Sorry for the tangent…

I am going into my service with the Peace Corps with the same mentality as my first Build America, where I have a vague understanding and little knowledge of what to expect. After that first Build America I had a better understanding of who I was and what my capabilities were. I have come to the realization as this was a great first step, but I still have a fraction of understanding on what my capable of. So, its time to set some goals. These aren’t in any particular order and as you can see they aren’t all serious.

  • Gain better understanding of myself
  • Test my mind, body, and spirit
  • Travel/explore
  • Eat some weird stuff
  • Play some rugby
  • Make lifetime friends
  • Read, read, and read
  • Stay in touch with friends/family
  • Learn the language
  • Have fun
  • Teach the best I can

This list may grow over time.