Tyler Schrodt

30under30-LOGOTo say that Tyler has an entrepreneurial spirt would be selling him short. First as a Founder Father and Treasurer of Theta Psi. Then with starting his first business while still an undergraduate, Enraged Panda Boarding Company, which specializes in longboards and has an international presence. He most recently has founded the Electronic Gaming Federation, with the mission of bringing competitive gaming to colleges across the country. Aside from starting the NCAA for video games and employing a number of Pi Kapp’s at EFG, Tyler is entering his second year of his MBA at RIT, sits on the schools conduct board and is the financial advisor for Theta Psi. Tyler has won a number of awards and recognition for his brief but wildy successful business ventures and practices.

Advice for students and young alumni:
“Make sure you network with a purpose, have a plan.”