Thoughts from Abroad: Jimmy Nguyen in the UK

Jimmy spent seven months at The University of the West of England in Bristol, United Kingdom, where he studied Human Rights Policy, International Policy, Research Methods and Global Economy.

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People often ask me what my favorite memory was or what was my favorite country I visited; to start off there are so many to choose from; in all, I was able to travel to 19 countries and 21 cities in the course of 9 months. The top three memories I have would be traveling to Crete, Greece with the peers that were in my program, competing for the collegiate windsurf championships in the UK and placing third in my category (which I will be flying back this October to compete for the next championships,) and backpacking through Morocco and Iceland.

My recommendation for people thinking about studying abroad is to go to a country that is completely different from any culture you have experienced before and to stay and travel to other destinations around you.

Studying abroad gave me a new outlook and perception on life and other cultures around me. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience a unique education abroad experience, too.