The Adventure Begins

It is unimaginable my adventure with the Peace Corps begins tomorrow. I was sitting with my best friend, Patrick, last night when I turned on a Secret Life of Walter Mitty. To his surprise, I explained this movie had a large role in me applying for the Peace Corps. The movie follows an older man who gave up his dreams of traveling the world to take care of his mother. After many years of working at Life Magazine an odd combination of circumstances leads to him finally realizing his dreams.

My dreams have been quite simple college, to travel and help others. Of course, there are a few other goals sprinkled in there, but thats what the dreams narrow down to in a nut shell. When I saw this movie years ago, it spoke to me. I need to go out and realize these dreams while I have the time to do so. I can’t explain how fortunate I am to have this opportunity, and I whole heartedly look forward to this new challenge.

These past few weeks have breezed by. Since returning home from Charlotte it has been a whirl wind trying to see as much family and friends as possible. It has been going away dinners and parties for two weeks. You know what? Saying good bye to your friends and family knowing you won’t see them for a few years is more difficult than I anticipated. I will miss more than a few of my close friends weddings, my nephew being born, and a who knows what else. My solace has been the kind words and advice that it will all certainly be worth it from my countless friends and family. I have the chance to bring to be a helping hand in a remote part of the world.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me in this decision. I am overly excited to hop on the plane tomorrow. Thank you to my aunt Carol, aunt Tracy, and cousin Megan who may have inadvertently gotten me into Peace Corps Samoa. It is certainly cool to say that I will be the 3rd generation of this family joining the corps. Thank you to my parents for always allowing me to chase my dreams. Dad you have always fostered my choices in helping others, even if it meant spending months away from home. Well, it seems this time its led me to be away for a bit longer. I am truly proud to have you as my father. Mom and Dad please don’t worry about me too much while I am away.

Lastly, I love every single one of my friends and family members, but this isn’t good bye, its see you soon!