Students cycling across America stop in E. Texas

Members of Pi Kappa Phi are cycling coast-to-coast on their ‘Journey of Hope’ trip. The ride has members raising both money and awareness for people with disabilities.

Passing through East Texas, the group of 35 riders departed Longview just before 7 a.m. Wednesday as they pedal nearly 70 miles to Shreveport. Cyclists riding on the southern route started in Long Beach, California on June 8 and are set to make it to Washington D.C. on August 8.

There are two other teams are also in the mix, taking routes through the northern and central parts of the country, with all teams meeting in D.C. next month. In total, riders on the three routes have raised more than $570,000 and traveled over 5,000 miles.

“For me, it’s showing that if you have a disability or different abilities, I look at them as abilities because these people are not different, they’re who they are, they’re perfect,” cyclist Matthew Sutter said.

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