Pi Kapp Scholars

The Pi Kapp Scholars Program is comprised of two scholarships: the Pi Kapp Scholars Award and the Outstanding Associate Member Award. These two awards recognize the promising young members of the fraternity who have distinguished themselves during their undergraduate career.

Following the tough evaluation of eligible applicants, the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation selects only a handful of students for these prestigious awards each spring semester.

For questions regarding the Pi Kapp Scholars Program or any of the Foundation’s scholarships, contact Vicky Halsey (Executive Assistant) at vhalsey@pikapp.org.

Pi Kapp Scholars Award

For over eight decades, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity has been recognizing student leaders for their commitment to academic excellence. The oldest and most prestigious scholarship in Pi Kappa Phi, the Pi Kapp Scholars Award is intended to recognize and reinforce the idea that to lead in one’s chapter is to first lead in the classroom.


Every spring, up to seven juniors and/or seniors are selected by the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation for this award, each receiving $1,000 grants.

To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • Be an initiated member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
  • Be enrolled as a full-time JUNIOR or SENIOR at his university
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • Complete the entire application

Outstanding Associate Member Award

The Outstanding Associate Member Award is designed to recognize and motivate those Associate Members who show strong commitments to academic excellence.  While their involvement with the fraternity and other campus activities are important, it is the work done in the classroom that sets an example for other future Pi Kappa Phi members to follow.


All undergraduate members of Associate Chapters of Pi Kappa Phi are eligible to apply each spring. Up to four applicants are selected, each receiving a $500 grant.

To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • Be a member of a Pi Kappa Phi Associate Chapter
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at his university
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Complete the entire application


Past Recipients


Pi Kapp Scholars Award
Christian Filsouf, Iota Xi (Texas-Dallas)
Thomas Marlbrough, Beta Omicron (Northwestern State)
Ross McDonald, Gamma Phi (South Alabama)
Mahir Modgil, Iota Xi (Texas-Dallas)
Goureesh Paranjpe, Eta Phi (Maryland - Baltimore County)

Outstanding Associate Member Award
Robert Davis, DePaul Associate Chapter
Andrew Fuchs, University of Vermont Associate Chapter
Jovaun Mason, University of Connecticut Associate Chapter
Troy Strickland, Sonoma State Associate Chapter


Pi Kapp Scholars Award
Connor Aller, Theta Lambda (Missouri State)
Owen Berry, Alpha Chi (Miami)
Pat Lynch, Iota Omicron (Iona)
Ian McSalley, Delta Delta (Truman State)
Michael Scimeca, Eta Psi (Central Florida)
Parker Troutman, Omicron (Alabama)
Joey Whelihan, Alpha Epsilon (Florida)

Outstanding Associate Member Award
Aran Burke, Idaho Associate Chapter
Dan Kim, Eta Epsilon (Maryland)
Ravi Shah, Epsilon Theta (Seton Hall)


Pi Kapp Scholars Award
Kenny Day, Theta (Cincinnati)
Chris Ehler, Alpha Upsilon (Drexel)
Dylan Eiger, Mu (Duke)
Logan Nagel, Theta (Cincinnati)
Brenden Peterson, Beta Beta (Florida Southern)
Michael Scimeca, Eta Psi (Central Florida)
Robbie Thomas, Alpha Xi (St. John’s)

Outstanding Associate Member Award
Ryker Belnap, Idaho Associate Chapter
Aran Burke, Idaho Associate Chapter
Brian Parro, Kappa Alpha (Case Western)
Andrew Ritz, Beta Phi (East Carolina)


Pi Kapp Scholars Award
Steven Gethard, Delta Alpha (Virginia Tech)
Patrick McGehee, Epsilon Mu (Bradley)
Rubin Waranch, Eta Phi (Maryland)
Brenden Peterson, Beta Beta (Florida Southern)
Gregory Spell, Theta Xi (Arizona State)
David Rosenthal, Delta Upsilon (Pittsburgh)
Christian Martin, Iota Xi (UT—Dallas)

Outstanding Associate Member Award
Wesley Lu, Eta Theta (San Francisco)
Benjamin Gauthier, Eta Psi (Central Florida)
Evan Neace, Iota Chi (Ball State)


Pi Kapp Scholars Award
Semerjit Bains, Alpha Chi (University of Miami)
Thomas Boyle, Mu (Duke)
Ryan Dodge, Alpha Delta (Washington)
Rhodes Hambrick, Delta (Furman)
Kevin Jiang, Epsilon Phi (AL—Birmingham)
Jacob Magary, Eta Upsilon (Miami University)
Cody McClanahan, Iota Nu (Mississippi State)

Outstanding Associate Member Award
Luke Elder, Alpha Psi (Indiana)
Alexander Roberson, Delta Alpha (VA Tech)
Harrison Tool, Alpha Epsilon (Florida)
Joshua Yarmush, Rutgers


Pi Kapp Scholars Award
Nicholas Balla, Theta Lambda (Missouri State)
Andrew Fuentes, Eta Zeta (Queens University)
Erik Groch, Alpha Upsilon (Drexel)
John Robinson, Beta Theta (Arizona)
Ben Saul, Delta (Furman)

Outstanding Associate Member Award
Matthew Berlin, Beta Xi (Central Michigan)
Evan Vaughan, Eta Theta (San Francisco)


Pi Kapp Scholars Award
Matthew Anderson, Upsilon (Illinois)
Matthew Hoehn, Kappa (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Brian Kern, Beta Epsilon (Missouri)
Thomas Powers, Delta (Furman)
David Wilson, Epsilon Eta (Winthrop)

Outstanding Associate Member Award
Kevin Jiang, Epsilon Phi (Alabama—Birmingham)


Pi Kapp Scholars Award
William Boyce, Beta Eta (Florida State)
Matthew Brinkmoeller, Theta Xi (Arizona State)
Theodore DeBeritto, Delta Rho (Southern CA)
Quinn Dunlap, Epsilon Phi (AL—Birmingham)
Robert Kirkland, Delta (Furman)
Kenneth Ma, Eta Omicron (San Francisco State)
Joel Raborn, Gamma Iota (Louisiana State)

Outstanding Associate Member Award
John Bell, Delta Alpha (VA Tech)
Ryan Chiarello, Beta Eta (Florida State)
Michael Gaunt, Zeta Mu (California State)
Erik Groch, Alpha Upsilon (Drexel)