Push America Recognizes: The Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center

This group has participated in many any special events and barbecues, as well as a variety of work projects, which include building a playground in 1991! And every year around the end of May we look forward to the incredibly wonderful gentlemen from the cycling group and their visit to San Francisco to play another famous Wildcat B-ball game.

The basketball games at the Pomeroy Center begin with a friendly high-5, and include everyone in attendance-which is usually about 100 or so excited people. There are some players who can hit 3-pointers, and others who use their wheelchairs to navigate and to make slam dunks in a portable basket. Five brave men from Push America challenge five Wildcats players at a time, and the game is on. An announcer gives the play-by-play, music blares in the background, the referee may assist the Wildcats in a very creative manner, players may take three to four shots to make the basket, the scorekeeper doesn’t exactly know how to add Ð and everyone has fun. Players rotate about every five minutes, so everyone has a chance to experience the contagious joy and laughter. At half time everyone dances, and at the end of the game everyone shakes the hands of their new friends. And once again, the Wildcats remain undefeated.

The mission of the Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center is to provide recreation, vocational, and educational opportunities for people with disabilities through programs and services that encourage self-expression, promote personal achievement, and lead to greater independence. Over 425 people are involved in day programs or after school programs, and enjoy a wide variety of quality recreation programs: swimming in a warm water therapeutic pool, playing all kinds of games and sports in the gym, drama, dancing and singing, arts & crafts, cooking, computer lab, gardening, discussions, and community outings to name a few. Many adults also work full or part time jobs.

Push America has also made lasting contributions to the Center through their cycling grants: two accessible picnic tables, storage cabinets, equipment for a sensory room, a six-foot portable grill, electric cooktop, hand crafted wooden gates, rolling activity cart, and a Magic Castle commercial bounce house. All of these items are used year round at the Pomeroy Center.

Visitors to the Pomeroy Center are welcome any time, and especially in May.