House Management

Students and alumni have varying needs related to house management. Education within specific roles and responsibilities for your chapter and alumni chapter/housing corporation is important. Student and alumni skill sets must be considered to best fit the needs of the organization for the long term.

For the chapter house experience to be successfully managed by either student members or alumni, the following should be implemented:

  • Long-term strategic vision and planning
  • Clear structure, organization and responsibilities for each officer and member
  • Effective recruitment and transitions in leadership roles
  • Committed members — students and alumni
  • Regular communication to student chapter
  • Regular communication to alumni
  • Manage business responsibilities (e.g., bills, rent, taxes, accounting, state and IRS forms)

Pi Kappa Phi has developed resources for undergraduate house managers and alumni organization officers. For information on existing resources or development to help your chapter, view the resource library or contact Pi Kappa Phi Properties at (980) 318-5361.

Acquiring a Property

Housing for our chapters varies across the country. While many chapters operate housing through a local housing corporation or Pi Kappa Phi Properties, others benefit from partnerships with university housing or other third parties. Pi Kappa Phi Properties has resources to help support your chapter’s housing effort whether seeking to achieve more competitive housing or acquire housing for the first time.

Working With Vendors

Vendors can help alumni chapters, housing corporations and undergraduate chapters operate efficient segments of the chapter housing experience. Their professional expertise assists where local expertise or time may not be available.