Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity cycles through state and country

Gear Up Florida is an event within Pi Kappa Phi’s larger philanthropic organization, The Ability Experience. There are two cycling events within the organization, Journey of Hope Ñ a cross-country cycling expedition from the West Coast to the District of Columbia Ñ and Gear Up Florida, an 800-mile ride throughout the state that starts in Miami and ending in Tallahassee, which Cain participated in.

As part of both events, cyclists go from city to city interacting with people from facilities and helping to improve their quality of life.
“The physical part of it was obviously very hard,” Cain said. “I guess for me the hardest part was actually opening up and kind of seeing people with disabilities.”
The goal is to foster awareness and compassion while raising money for those afflicted with a disability. Gear Up Florida raises between $60,000 and $80,000 annually. This year’s contribution totals $70,575, according to the organization’s website. Cain narrowly surpassed his contribution goal of $2,500 by raising a total sum of $2,550 at the end of the trek.

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