Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Brothers Cycle Cross-Country for Disability Awareness

“It’s a huge challenge physically and mentally,” said Gabriel Miranda, a Pi Kappa Phi cyclist with the Transamerica Journey of Hope.

More than 100-men belonging to the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity departed from the west coast peddling on their bikes 14-days ago. They are headed on a journey of hope to the east coast. Michael Batres, another Pi Kappa Phi cyclist with the Journey of Hope said, “We’re going from Seattle, Washington to Washington, D.C. over the course of two months this summer and we’ll be visiting local organizations that support people that live with disabilities all along the way.”

“We do friendship visits. We hang out with the people that we’re trying to help. We interact, play, dance,” said Miranda.

The 20 cyclists are on the Transamerica route traveling more than 4,200 miles through what is called The Ability Experience.

“My cousin Luke was born with cerebral palsy and I can see how it affects him every day and that’s why I wanted to get involved with the organization and do this trip,” explained Miranda.

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