Omega (Purdue) hosts 7th Annual David Feltner 72-Hour Memorial Bike-A-Thon

Started Wednesday, the event was held near the Purdue belltower and ran through 1:30 p.m. Saturday, ending just prior to the Homecoming game.

Feltner’s parents were in attendance and rode the last five minutes of the event, as they have done the past six months. The event is held in memory of their son, who died of cancer while an undergraduate member in 2011. 

The chapter sold 190 snow cones at $1 each, let passers-by “Pie a Pi Kapp,” and held sorority competitions and general fundraising. In total, over $4000 was raised. 

Various sororities were invited to compete for distance over a 25-minute period. Delta Zeta took third, Alpha Chi Omega took second, and Zeta Tau Alpha took first place. 

As the event took place, The Ability Experience CEO Basil Lyburg and chapter alumnus & Pi Alpha Mike McBride co-hosted a Facebook Live ride-along in Charlotte, NC. 

In total, over $4000 was raised at the event. Year-to-date, the chapter has raised nearly $20,000, and hopes to top that number for the second time! 

“I’m so proud of what we achieved during our Abilities Week – raising more money than I had expected for people with disabilities,” chapter Ability Experience chairman Adam Kunovski said. “What impressed me the most about the whole week was all the support that I received from people and that’s what really made our Abilities Week so successful.”

“We just want to thank you for all your hard work and everything you’ve done during the Abilities Week,” Lyberg said in his video presentation. “It’s been so awesome to follow along with social media with how you’ve involved the community, folks from the university, the sorority competitions, the snow cones – which looked fantastic. Just what you put together to raise funds for The Ability Experience to be able to watch that really means the world (to us).”

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The event featured alumni, girlfriends of chapter brothers and Purdue administrators. 

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