Mysore elected Student Government President at UMBC

Ganesh Mysore (tan blazer)

Also running with him was his campaign partner and new Executive Vice-President, Valerie Parks (Alpha Sigma Alpha).

These past few weeks have certainly been a busy one for the Brothers of the Eta Phi chapter at UMBC. In early April they managed to take home a record four awards from the annual Greek Week competition among other honors and recognitions. As if participation and practice during this week weren’t enough, many Pi Kapps (and other Greek organizations) rallied together to support and advocate for Ganesh. Mysore, who himself was occupied with his campaign, managed to attend each of these events and comply with his rigorous course of study (double major Ð Bio Chemical Engineering & Political Science).

During his campaign, Ganesh promoted his intentions and vision for the school in many different forums. One of these intentions was enacting a fair policy on campus closures, something that has plagued the university for many years. As Push Chair of Eta Phi Ganesh has a calling for this type of work; naturally, enacting an ordinance that would make for better clearing of ice and campus closure for students with disabilities only seemed appropriate. Also on his platform were things like increased safety/security measures, mental health awareness, and regard for student roles and the arts at the school. The voting process took a total of three days and by the end set a new record for the number of votes ever received in an SGA election. As supporters from both sides waited in agony for the winner to be announced, Ganesh stayed dedicated to his fraternity, academics, and extra curriculars.

When official news of the winner had been released and Ganesh declared the winner, many of his supporters took to their social media accounts. The hashtag created by the campaign team (#WantMore) exploded with various congratulatory messages and pictures of celebration. Ganesh also took to his campaign page on Facebook to write the following: “Friends and supporters, We are happy to announce the results of this year’s SGA elections. We are proud to be given the opportunity to serve UMBC as next year’s President and Executive Vice President of the SGA. We thank all of you, our supporters, and everyone who participated in the election. We are excited and ready to begin working with all students at UMBC. The SGA we aspire to is an open, accessible organization where anyone can work to shape the UMBC community, and we invite you to join us in this vision… Thank you, especially to our campaign team and all who worked to support us in any way. We are elated to add more purpose, progress, and passion to our UMBC community, and we can’t wait to get started. -Ganesh & Valerie”